NEWS&BITS: ITALY, OGGI Magaziner: Pope pissed with pushy paparazzi Pompezzo

Pope Francis was released from Casa Santa Maria d’Alighieri today but his planned getaway to avoid the paparazzi and the press failed. The press and paparazzi gathered at the front of the hospital disappointed in their expectations as the pope took a more secure route to evade them. Using back hallways and wearing an unexpected black frock, the holy father exited the back of the hospital in what turned out to be near-perfect security. However, Guido Pompezzo, a photographer with Oggi magazine with many years of experience capturing celebrities trying to evade his lenses, managed another photographic coup. Pompezzo was too experienced to be fooled and snapped this photo of the pontiff sneaking out through the security-proven back hallways of the hospital. The strategy nearly worked.

Some of Pompezzo’s other photographic coups…


Silvio caught sipping a beer in a park in Rome.

Melania Trump sunning at the back of Donald’s expropriated yacht.

Megan riding behind Prince Harry.

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