NEWS&BITS: AI – Artificial Intelligence: valuable tool or potential threat?

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition and decision-making. This computer tool may not be of interest to many readers, especially the older ones who already are resistant to the Internet and digital tools.
At this time, AI is little more than a computer toy. However, as the corporate ‘whales’ of the digital world are working hard to exploit the revenue potential of this new toy. Their free trial offers will become fee-based subscriptions in no time, once they hook you by making AI easier to use and clearly beneficial.
Until then, computer users interested in exploring and experimenting with AI, can try one of these two sites which at the time of publishing were still free (Do not be surprised if that changes by the time you access either.)

The large corporations are still in their exploratory stages of development offering their AIs, at no charge or a very small one for limited use. The two above sites seem to be unlimited and have no applicable fees for their use at the time of publishing.

So, what should you try?
The “YOU” AI is very easy to explore and experiment with. Type your question in its ‘search box’ and it will respond on the same screen in seconds. Ask it to write:
“A poem about the dampness of spring;”
“A short description about the joy of riding a motorcycle”..….or…
Hey Don, I asked it to “describe the appeal of golf to seniors”… went blank !

Where you might use AI
A member of a club, ask it to give you a plan for a fund raising event for the club;
A social club events planner: ask for a list of speakers for your social club;
Publish an online website: ask how it can be improved for seniors;
Want to learn how to play a harmonica: ask it how to learn to play it.

The limitations of AI
AI information is based on all the information input into it or that it can mine from online sources. It will summarize what it can find into short, reader-friendly paragraphs within seconds of being asked.
The developers have placed restrictions on AI: it will not give offensive replies; it will not respond to negative requests such as bomb-making.

AIs are not human. Though these computer programs respond in human-like replies, they are not sentient beings. Therefore they have no moral code or any ethical value system. Their responses are neutral, objective, and factual based on the ‘scraping’ of the Internet. However, their development continues at a rapid pace. The sentience is being developed which means the next group of AIs may become a real danger. Government and corporate leaders should be working on guardrails and safety measures relative to AIs. At the moment the creativity and original thinking of AIs is limited and narrow. However, they are in their nascent stages of development. The next generation of AIs will be capable of much more and will pose greater risks to our world unless protective measures are put into place at this very outset.

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