Stephen Colbert, a late-night talk show host, stopped using the name “Trump” on air about 2 years ago. Brilliant, and does it ever anger T****. The X-president, X-man can barely utter the name Colbert without exploding into an angry tyrant calling the show the worst show on TV.

Well, we see Colbert’s point and fully agree with the idea. From now on, we are going do the same substituting “T***” for the X-man’s full name on our website.

This person does not deserve the respect or recognition of a human being. He is sexist, a misogynist, a bully, a liar, a thief, and much more. He has utterly destroyed the meaning of decency and propriety in our society today, and imagine, he held the highest political office in the world for four years demolishing and destroying ethics and morality in unheard-of ways. There was no such thing as ‘fake news’ before this man. 

From now on, rather than use his name or type it out fully, we will substitute “T****” instead.

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