EDITORIAL: Politics, USA, Canada – stages for clowns

The United States doesn’t have a monopoly on political clowns, though they have really its ridiculous ones. Politicas is a stage where political clowns can really shine. In the US, they are presidential candidates, in Canada, provincial premiers and mayoral candidates and  these clowns are absolutely incredible! With more than 230 million eligible voters, any of them if born in the USA are eligible to run as president. And the Republicans found these two clowns. Unbelievable. Impossible. Truth is really stranger than fiction. 

T**** has a track record of being a liar, misogynist, sexist, bully and worse. Yet, he is fast becoming the leader in the presidential race, 2024. Second in the running is another wacko, Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida. Are Florida’s that old, that senile that they cannot see this politician is of questionable sanity. First, to prove he is “the power” in Florida, he takes on Disneyworld. Then he restricts certain on books to be used in Florida schools. Now he defunds any Florida school that practices free speech, permits freedom of information and uses liberal policies dealing with the LGBTQIA+ community. Black students be damned. If they don’t like the racial policies legislated for their schools, leave.

Two clowns! These are the best candidates that can be had? A very sad situation for Americans and their political world.

Dan Rather, retired CBS journalist, writes an excellent commentary about DeSantis and this latest insanity of political policy in Florida.

To read Rather’s comments, click –> CLOWN GOV

Canada has a Barnum and Bailey political stage also. The provincial prremier performs a credible clown impersonation with his constant vascillation between logical platforms and policies to ones where he seems to totally ignore experts and citizens’ wishes. Then from the sublime to the ridiculous: hiring ex-Chief and Toronto mayoral candidate Mark Saunders as adviser regarding Ontario Place. Saunders, as police chief, expenditures rose, crime increased, policy changes went never materialized. Now, he is given a $200,000 a year job to advise the Ford government about Ontario Place. Is Saunders an engineer? A city planning  expert? An entertainment guru a la David Mirvish? Maybe Saunders wears a different hat than a clown’s. He’s a magician…making all his credentials for this advisory job invisible. Or maybe the clown is Ford, pulling another trick out of his empty hat.

Incredible times we live in, not because such things did not happen in the past, but because the publication of such absurdity is instantaneous and ubiquitous. We see it everywhere, every day now! Amazing.


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