EDITORIAL: The problem with politicians today, maybe always

My professional career was EDUCATION. I have but one regret about a career in academics, the questionably low respect given to educators. Certainly, as in any field, there are individuals who should be criticized for their irresponsibility in the work they do in their field of endeavor. There are bad teachers, no doubt. But for the most part, the majority of teachers are sincere, responsible, and dedicated professionals who are teaching your children the best way they can.

I wish I could say the same about POLITICIANS. Finding a politician of integrity and responsibility is a real challenge today. Maybe it has always been so and perhaps using a broad brush this way is wrong. I am no expert in the field of POLITICS but I watch and assess politicians now, much more than in my younger days. 

I feel politicians have been given a position by the electorate that calls for responsibility, integrity, and accountability. There are so many areas of their work that require careful and ethical functioning. But I see too many politicians whose work is questionable in this regard.

I seem to be overly focused on Dog Ford. We should be. He is the leader of the most populated province in Canada. His constituents should be given honest and responsible work all the time. But let’s examine a recent issue with his work to see if this politician is as ethical as one might hope.

Ford promised the Green Belt would be untouched. However, the pressure for more home building has forced him to modify his promise. Situations change for every politician, no doubt. Years ago, the most illustrious, Pierre Trudeau, promised no wage and price controls if he were elected. Poof ! Out the window with the campaign victory but the economic situation may have warranted such drastic government policy. That kind of policy change is understandable and not what can be labelled as corruption.

However, consider this. Ford makes no announcement about Green Belt policy change to allow developers access to the Green Belt. Certain developers buy large parcels of land in the Green Belt area prior to the Ford announcement. Ford announces. The developers profit tremendously. Is there something questionable in this line of action? Why did developers buy up so much land in the Green Belt region now? They had little interest before, but suddenly they had interest. Could that interest have been sparked by a change in government policy?

There are so many facets to look at in this issue but each leads to the same likely conclusion, the developers were tipped off and bought land where they could profit tremendously.

It may be interesting to hear from Ontario constituents about this issue. In our books, this politician is working along a path of corruption and cronyism.

What do you think?

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