POLITICS: Has ‘Stop Sprawl Durham’ softened its effort against Dog Ford government

The Stop Sprawl Durham group recently published
a media release that softens their blows against the
Dog Ford government.

Read their full press release of Sept 5  —>  SPRAWL

The Stop Sprawl Durham was on the right path as confirmed by a number of successful swings at the bat:

  1. RUN #1 
    When Amato resigned, SSD should have seen they were more than just succeeding. Though Ontario has no political venue for ousting an incompetent or irresponsible politician, SSD slammed one deep into center-field with this swing.

  2. RUN #2
    Then SSD hit a blast, a TRIPLE, Steve Clark resigned. Voters see Ford is on the ropes to mix metaphors. They’ve got Doggie Ford goin’ down baby! He’s hit the canvas and they should recognize it. SSD keeps scoring and it remains at bat with none out.

    Bowwow Ford is taking the full count with his ‘acknowledging the possibility‘ his government made mistakes which he will now rectify by reversing or resetting policies. Bravo, another run.

  3. SSD is up at bat, again
    Strike one: read the press release. The first run but the press release is no power swing. It’s a skittered foul shot that does nothing. 
    Strke two: whoosh…the SSD blinked, swish air when it makes it sound like this is the end of the inning, their happy, they’ll accept his offer and settle for less with the promised policy change by Bowwow. The guy is the personification of that southern liar supremo, T**** and SSD whooshes in its demand for ‘return and restoration.’

    Here comes the pitch….
    SSD has the opportunity of blasting one out of the park with the bases loaded but it means donning the Babe’s mantle and aiming for the stands. Don the political cape of working for the people rather than just the GreenBelt people. Swing for the fences and get this liar out of office. The Sprawl campaign seemed mountainous and unattainable and here you are hitting runs like there’s no tomorrow. Now blast one right out of the park, Queen’s Park. Go after the bully, go after bowwow…cock that bat, ready it for the smash home run…Bowwow calls an election even though he has the majority….oh…ye  of little hope…go after him….big time, big way, BIG HIT !


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