WRITERS n BOOKS: Canadian professor Diana Manole launches her latest collection of poems

The Event

Praying to a Landed Immigrant God
by Diana Manole

Sept 8, Professor Diana Manole presented her book launching for “Praying to a Landed Immigrant God” at the Romanian Consulate in Toronto.

A book launch, international in flavour
Professor Manole, though the guest of honour, shared her stage limelight with a number of fellow authors who read poetry in a numerous languages besides English. Romanian, of course, but also in French, German, Persian, Russian, and Spanish. 

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The Event
Authors and artists read poetry at the Manole’s book launch:

Anabelle Aguilar Brealey read the Spanish version. [Seated: Madame Consul Oana Raluca Gherghe]

Tania Samsonova translated my poem into Russian.

Sheida Shahramian, Iranian theatre artist, read the Persian version of the poem.

The French version was read by Dr. Crina Bud, York University.

Milena Munteanu, writer and journalist of Romanian origin, shared her impressions about the book.

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