EDITORIAL: Why PRICES remain high….while your govt works for you?

Canadian competition on the decline: To virtually no one’s surprise, business competitiveness has been on the decline for at least the past 20 years, a new report by the Competition Bureau finds. Consumers are paying the price across a host of industries — the report doesn’t name names, but virtually every Canadian knows it applies to telecom services, air travel, banking and groceries. The government, a few months from voluntarily approving the largest telecom merger ever between Rogers and Shaw, says it is modernizing Canada’s competition laws in response. It sure feels like they should doing far more than that, doesn’t it?

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Competition Bureau report Link

This is classic BBB (Bulls**t baffles brains material. The government wants us to believe it is working on our behalf with claims such as that they are working on our behalf. Well, if the government controlled our mortality, we would like live forever, or die immediately.

As the Greenbelt people did in their campaign efforts against Doug Ford, successfully ousting three government executives who were guilty of irresponsible execution of their political office duties…we should be going after the minister in charge of competition and pricing, Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne, but unfortunately Canada does ot have a ministerial recall process as do countries like Australia or New Zealand. We elected them, we’re stuck with them.

Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne constantly makes statements that his ministry is doing something about high prices or that it is about to do something. “OMG” talk about BBB 

Increasingly poorer Canadians forced to bite the bullet, accept the BBB, and pay more. The government seems to be emitting a lot of smoke and fog to cloud up the message. But the outcome is very clear….”Canadians, DIG DEEPER INTO THAT WALLET and PAY.”


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