A note of thanks from Anthony

Hello My Conservative Friends,
I just wanted to personally say to everyone, I appreciate you all very much for coming out to our events thus far during this Nomination Campaign. I feel there is momentum and grassroots Conservatives are coming together to bring hope to Canadians!
Here is some pertinent links and information for you all:
1) Conservative Members can check their membership status using the following link: https://www.conservative.ca/membership-check/
2) A Conservative Membership for you and your family can be purchased using the following link: https://donate.conservative.ca/en/membership/
  • If you require a physical form, let me know and I will personally deliver one for you to complete.
3) Donations can be made to the campaign in the following ways:
A Couple Notes:
  • We are expecting the nomination vote to take place in May 2024, so please make sure your membership is valid through then.
  • The links I am sharing is transferable so if you have an friends/family members/Conservative who live in Pickering, Brooklin, or Ashburn they can purchase a membership.
You and your family being an active member and supporting my campaign goes a long way in continuing to have events to get the conservative message out in our community.
I have attached my personal contact information so you can reach out to me directly, please keep it in confidence. I look forward to seeing you all at our next event in Claremont!
Kind Regards, Anthony Michael Yacub (647) 525-1900 anthony.yacub@icloud.com
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