GAL+ Book Club

GAL+ Book Club

The club normally meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at the GEORGE ASHE LIBRARY & COMMUNITY CENTRE.

Created almost twelve years ago, the club has been managed on behalf of the library by some very book-knowledgeable people; Claire S., Kyla Z. and  Tracey N. We thank each of these members of the Pickering Public Library for all their assistance and support.

Club membership transitioned over the years as people moved, changed residence and had their lives changed. Our club members have demonstrated themselves as highly intelligent, dynamically energetic and passionate readers. Each member has enriched the lives of their fellow members tremendously.

Club membership was seriously impacted by the stress and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, until the library, currently in lockdown, resumes normal operations, club meetings will continue in ZOOM Meeting format.

Next meeting: Monday, Jan. 11, 7pm.

Pickering residents interested in joining the club should contact us at:

More information can be found at: