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Dining out ANYWHERE? Was it memorable? Give us your feedback. If we publish your review, we’ll buy you a glass of wine. [ Limited time offer and conditions apply* ]

2014-08-29_08h47_11People want the most for their dining dollar, the best bite for their buck. Dining out is expensive. So help other site visitors get the best value for their dining dollar by with your reviews.

Submit your dining write up and if it gets published you will receive $10 for a glass of wine at your next dinner out.

PRIME RIB ROAST: a cooking method that you must-try. - An interesting method for cooking a PRIME RIB ROAST…definitely unique. I think it may be worth a try. It was excellent. Rare, juicy, a recipe worth following…but be sure to get a quality cut of PRIME RIB as this method … Continue reading
MANGO TANGO reviewed - Now, here’s a hotsauce as it should be. Nettie’s Nah Joke hot pepper sauces are deeelicious. Mango Tango Nettie’s MANGO TANGO delivers a hot sauce the way they should be…lots of natural flavour with just the right amount of heat. … Continue reading
Freeze citrus peel - Freeze Every Citrus Peel That Comes Through Your Kitchen Source: epicurious   As I pulled a few slivers of frozen grapefruit peel from my freezer, I knew I’d made a smart move. I sliced the zest thinly lengthwise, chopped it … Continue reading
SRIRACHA Hot Sauce in short supply - If you’re a fan of SRIRACHA HOT SAUCE, be aware that supplies may be scarce soon as there is a scarcity of the needed red jalapeno chili peppers.
A great espresso in a very inexpensive way - The least expensive way to great espressos – the Moka pot This little coffee maker produces excellent expresso at a low price. If you enjoy espresso coffee, the Moka pot is the least expensive espresso maker you can buy. Yet, … Continue reading
Need catering assistance….consider FARM BOY - Need some assistance with a party? Consider catering by FARM BOY.
Bistro 67 – Durham College managed dining - Fine dining restaurant operated by Durham College. More sizzle, less steak…pretentious and presumptuous, but a near miss.
Onions should be cooked first in any recipe - Why saute onions and garlic first? Usually, it’s because you are building layers of flavour. Onions break down with heat and salt (always salt the onions when you add them to the pan. This is one of the interesting paradoxes of … Continue reading
EGGS work better with eggs - Eggs too often are criticized as being unhealthy. Don’t believe it. Eggs pack tons of protein punch. Just don’t overdo it. And as for the misconception of eating only the egg whites. More ‘fake news’ about eggs. Watch the video … Continue reading
Amateurs, yes…but restaurateur Food pros - You can dine out, in style, and on quality, professionally prepared foods at an incredibly inexpensive tab. Centennial College can host you for an amazingly good lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch.
Royalty eats like this! - Off the Cleaver, the newest and arguably best meat purveyor in the Durham region, opened in September near the heart of Whitby. It will soon become the butcher shop of choice to the “rich and famous” of the area: their … Continue reading
Francesca Bakery, eat real Italian in Canada! - Outstanding hot table with delicious Italian food. Always fresh, always delicious, and always fair priced. This is the place to go for lunch, but it has much more. “Great bread. Superb pastries, wonderful gelato. Yummy lunches” N.G.’s opinion. I fully concur. … Continue reading

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