Another year, more cheer!


A new year brings with it a fresh new beginning.

Many of you are Snowbirds and are probably down south. Hope all is well in the southern areas.

We are all aging more and more. Age, for me, is an attitude; someday I will be 30, or maybe 40! Depends on my mood that day.

The motorcycle shows start this month. That means I am already thinking of spring and the warm riding weather to come. Want to ride a bit more this year as last year I had to go through some surgery and couldn’t ride for a while.

This year there are many monumental dates and anniversaries happening for us. My 70th is in February, my wife’s 60th in June (shhh) and our 20th wedding anniversary in September. Let’s see what we can create for these special occasions.

A new year is also time to reflect on your past year. What we should have and would have done differently? Is it too late? Or is there still time to fulfil that dream or desire?

Take the initiative and figure out what you would like to accomplish this year, and get it done.

So enjoy every minute of it. Life that is…

To all;

Have a great and Happy New Year for 2020.

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