Aug 16 – Rockers, Vaccine cajones, Garden updates, GG and Hajdu

Lots of good jabs, and not vaccine ones either.

Here’s A Big Tip….
….of the “F/N” hat here at the “F/N”HQ to ‘The Boss’ and ‘Slowhand’ (not their real names)! Bruce Springsteen and Eric Clapton have both in the last couple weeks announced big tours….methinks starting in September….and as always for them, in large venues. Immediately/right from the get-go they made it VERY clear that fans must be fully vaccinated to get in….no if’s, and’s or buts, otherwise, keep your money in your pocket!! Well, good on them, a couple 70-something rockers showing more cajones than a number of politicians, especially those of the Canadian variety (*see below). So, rock on guys, and thanks for showing what some ‘common sense’ will do. It says here that their shows WILL sell out and there won’t likely be any placard-waving anti-vaccers (*see below) standing around outside the arena/stadium, telling anybody that cares to listen to them all about ‘their rights’….but being drowned out by the amps/speakers inside blasting out ‘Born In The USA’ or ‘Layla’.

COVID-19 Vaccines….
….the ‘yays’ and ‘nays’ of it. Well, Doug Ford continues to meander his way along (*see above) cow-towing to any group who demands ‘their rights’ prohibit anybody and everybody to ‘force them’ to be vaccinated. Of course, Dougie has been advocating/agreeing right alongside them and ‘their rights’. That’s not hardly ‘PROgressive’, and for sure not ‘AGGressive’ Mr Premier….in fact it sounds like something a ‘Liberal-leaning’ Premier might come up with….you think. But then last week Junior Trudeau decides to give it his best Mr. Tough Guy imitation and orders ”all government employees’ to be fully vaccinated….like, right now? Meanwhile, Ford doesn’t know whether to s–t or wind his watch as he gets set to take on the province’s teachers before school opens, altho I’m betting he’ll recognize that THEY have rights too! Well, to hell with the ”rights”. This coronavirus is eating up the world! Canada is ONE of a FEW countries that has enough vaccine to cover its entire population. SO DO IT! Never mind ”rights”! EVERYBODY gets two shots! Young people, olde people and all the people in between! ASAP! By the bye, up to recently I’ve just been of the thinking that ”Miz. Jo and yours truly have had ours, yours is your own businesss”….until Rotzy spoke with an ‘anti-vaccine guy’ last week….I’ll call him ‘Dick’….(not his real name, but it seems to fit) OK? If his thinking/reasoning/train of thought is similar to others of the same not-for-me persuasion, they’re in trouble because that train has done run outta coal!! And Dick’s ‘argument’ didn’t seem to have anything to do with his ‘rights’ at all. It was all about ‘wrong’. Like, it’s wrong to have him become a ‘guinea pig’ for some huge, money-grubbing lab; ‘wrong to put that s–t into (his) body’….I LOVED that one!!; then he comes up with ‘that stuff (the corona-virus) didn’t come from bats, it was ‘manufactured’ (by China, USA and cetera). Anyway, if this is the line of thinking for many/most anti-vaccers, COVID may never disappear. Also, if you’re in the ‘roll up your sleeves group’ save your breath and tyme rather than try to talk the ‘Dicks’ out of their stance. By the bye, yours truly has always used the daily count of ‘new COVID cases reported in Ontario’ as to noting whether it’s bad/badder or worse/worser than the day before….OK?….hence, as of today (Sun 15th) Ontario is back up over 500 a day! And climbing, in fact when school goes back….if it does….they say we’re looking at 1200 cases a day….or more. Lovely. Meanwhile, the Alberta Gov’t had some kind of brain fart last week and put the ‘we’re returning to normal’ rules (or lack of them) into Overdrive. Bad idea! it says here. So….SO….one of the immediate changes’ will see less money spent on COVID. Premier Whatshisname says that will free up more (former) COVID health dollars for more pressing things, like Opioid Overdosing and Syphyllis. Yes. Syphyllis! I am not making this up. Methinks the Premier has been inhaling those Tar Sands’ fumes for too long. Anyway… good boys and girls and get your vaccine shot(s)!!

Garden Updates And Stuff
    Well, the boss….Miz. Jo, not Springsteen this tyme….accompanied me to the Garden of Hope last Monday for her first inspection of our patch, also known as #58 over there, and also, by my unbiased thinking, as quite likely one of ‘the top three’ plots over there….hey, ‘top five’ for sure….when it comes to layout, plant spacing, cultivating, weeding, and cetera….and Judge Jo agreed. Aside from a late start and FINALLY getting word to go ahead, that it was/is ours, after an initial (almost) ‘devastating set-back’, then the attack on the cabbages by Buggs and his rabbit-pack, all looks well….except for the Lincoln Homesteader Peas…they were part of the ‘set-back’ and got tromped on pretty good, but here’s hoping! Plus the vine plants Rotzy ‘found’ in Plot #48, which is the assigned place for mulch and weeds….I seriously de-weeded the entire plot (with help from two neighbour ladies) and now we wait to see what variety of squash we’re getting. I’ve pulled the beans off our Commune Garden….still carrots, beets, leeks and onions in there, all doing well. Don’t tell anybody, but we’re investigating rumours that somebody might be ‘helping themselves’ to the garden and raised boxes down there. Stay tuned on that. As to my Cell Fones 101 Course…..’doing good’ to quote Boog (not his real name). Well, perhaps a little better….and thankfully, ‘John the mystery man’ hasn’t foned back to rattle my chain again.

Let Me Get This Straight….
….a couple weeks ago now, Canada opened it’s borders to foreign travellers…no ‘holing up’ for fourteen days any more….including (just for the sake of comparison, if not in the name of ‘fairness’) Americans and British. Alas….Canadians are NOT welcomed in those two countries….which happen to be our closest ‘allies’ in the world. So, while the Lord Mayor of Niagara Falls Ontario can’t stop smiling these days…..Joe Biden and the English P/M, the guy with worse hair than the Trumpster, aren’t acting very ‘allied-like’ at all. ‘Unfair. They’re being rude to us’! Cries Erin O’Toole from the other side of The House. ‘Imagine….the gall of it all’ lies Rotzy. ‘They’ve got more balls than brains….let alone totally lacking the standard Diplomacy we three share….our favourite next door neighbour AND our beloved Motherland!!!  Why’? And ‘where in hell is our Prime Minister’? Well, Junior Trudeau….aka Fluffy by a couple “F/N” readers (I can’t write some of his other names) doesn’t have any balls….cajones if you wish….to ‘retaliate’ against this Yankee/Brits snub. Then it was as if he ‘went into hiding’ the last couple days…and so “F/N” went digging’. I couldn’t get anything from ‘our olde friend from The Big Turnip, the Min Of Health, Patty Hajdu as she’s ‘ignored us’ for several years now, the last chat being during her visit to Notre Dame Des Ecoles in Nakina where I was helping her ‘learn francais’. But, if I could find her, she’d surely tell me her Boss was enroute to the new Governor General’s house to have her ‘dissolve parliamentt’….and voila, an election. *It’s Sun 15th 11:24AM….and instead of using my regular Deadline of Sunday Noon-ish….I’m gonna back it of to ‘Early Monday AM….so I’ll be in the know. I’m hoping the new lady G/G does ‘have cajones’ and says ‘No’. What’s ‘Fluff’y going to do, fire her?! NOT!! Stay tuned. *more to come….

**Update…’early Monday AM’….7:30 in fact. No surprise(s)….guess the new lady didn’t want to rock the P/M’s boat?….even tho some 70% of Canadians DON’T want an election….and maybe we’ll sink J/T’s Good Ship Lollipop.

*Thought Of The Day…No mask on your face….you big disgrace….spreading your germs all over the place……..(thanks Freddie)


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