Aug 23 – Rotzy back to his best form ever…the election does it for him !

The election campaign may have inspired Rotzy, kicked him up a notch, ‘cuz he’s back to his finest form…ever !

Rotzy ‘Took A Good Run’….

….at a couple of Cdn politicos last week….the P/M and the P/O (Premier of Ont)….and their ‘lack of fortitude’ in handling ‘vaccine issues’ that are in dire need of being handled….significantly better than they are. To make my point (*see below), in last week’s Times-Star I said ‘they have no balls….or cajones if you prefer. OK? Now, I know not what “From Nakina” looks like in the Times-Star finished product….in fact, I haven’t seen but one in almost three years, relying on the ’email/pre-print version’ since Miz. Jo and yours truly migrated south to the Banana Belt….among other things, to see if Eric K. actually lets me say/write ‘balls’….(‘cajones’) or is it like my ‘watered down/G-rated version’ of s–t? No matter, just the olde guy ‘making my point’ (*see above), OK? OK.  Well, I gotta tell the “F/N” readership that in one “F/N” week BOTH of these guys underwent some kind of ‘semi-magical transformation’ seldom seen in politics….or anywhere else for that matter….whereby Trudeau and Ford suddenly have ‘balls galore’ and immediately put their ‘new-found characteristic’ to the test. In Junior’s case he has ordered, yes, ORDERED all govt employees to be fully vaccinated by October the ? I gotta check on the date, but does it matter? And if you don’t concur with The Big Guy, you are among the unemployed. To hell with ‘your rights’! Let’s face it, there are few if any gov’t employees making anywhere near minimum wage; some jobs pay really BIG bucks; and some jobs are real ‘plumbs’, Do YOU want to throw THAT away? Plus your 23 years seniority?! OK, OK, OK, so Rotzy will admit that J/T has a rather ‘captive audience’ to deal with, but don’t you see it as so ‘out of character’ for Junior, the way he just zoned in on them to become, if you will, ‘the canaries in the mine’….probably telling himself ‘we get this bunch needled, then teachers, nurses, LTC staffers and the rest will follow like sheep’! *And, if that isn’t ‘ballsy’ enough for you, did you catch what Ford has done? Each and every MPP sitting on the PC side of Queens Park had, like, about 2 1/2 days to show proof of vaccination(s)…..or you can hit the road, Jack!  Jill too! You’re off the PC Team; any and all of the numerous perq’s the Team offers are gone; you will now sit on the other side of QP; you’ll NEVER run under the Blue Banner again; in fact, you may find yourself on a boat to Botany Bay. Aaarrrrrrrr!! Holy s–t….talk about having a ‘captive audience’! So….SO….the way Rotzy sees it, Dougie is phailing (absolutely and miserably) in his vaccine dealings with the nurses, teachers and cetera….’NO BALLS AT ALL’ it says here….looking like a phool with his phoot in his mouth….and if I hear Ford ever-staunchly defending people’s ‘rights’ one more tyme, I’ll ‘toss my “F/N” cookies’….however, for some reason, all of his VERY OWN PEOPLE can go to hell….in a hurry. I’m gonna be honest here….s–t, when am I not honest?….and admit yours truly figured Ford was doing a decent job (overall) with the Pandemic, especially in the phirst year….but now?….I wouldn’t ‘ride the river’ with him, no thanks!!

Buying Votes….What Timing!
    The caller on the line to Libby Znaimer on Zoomer’s Radio’s Fight Back fone-in show at noon was a 92-yr olde lady from Vancouver, who was obviously very much ‘with it’, commenting on P/M Trudeau calling a federal election the VERY NEXT DAY after handing all Canadian oldsters 75 and over $500. For what, I’m not sure….for lasting that long?….but who cares? Anybody with an IQ higher than that of Cheerios*tm knows full well what it’s for!! C’mon man. So Miz. Jo and I put a G-Note in our account. Anyway, the caller was all over Trudeau for having ‘promised’ the same thing two years ago, then, of course, we never did see the $500….hence she’s calling this one ‘retroactive. Hey, call it what you want….it was/is meant to BUY your vote in September….plain and simple. As to the G-Note for Jo Ann and Rotzy….of course, we accepted it….I’m not as dumb as I look….but I would much prefer a 25% increase on OAS and CPP!….whereas methinks we’re getting 10%….and I’ve spoken with all our various MP’s for 20 years now, Liberal, PC, NDP and Green asking for 15 to 25% because the amounts are SO badly outdated, it’s damned near laughable. *memo to the P/M*….Here’s another point that’s gonna come back and haunt you….you’ve now hurt the feelings of all the oldsters in the 65 to 75 age bracket, and it’s gonna cost you. We don’t want an election, don’t need an election, but you want a majority, hence YOU are rolling the dice….and WE will pay the bill for your little gambit. As to the $500….once more….didn’t votre pere ever tell you ”You can’t BUY votes”?! Stupide!!  Not mine to be sure…..but ‘merci’ anyway. I’m not sure about Erin O’Toole….but I am sure of you….you’re done. Toast. NDP’s not gonna do it, so the only thing I know about the PC boss is that he used to splash around in the shallow end of the pool during ‘laps’ when his Dad (John, former MPP for Clarington) was a Coach in the competitive swimming class our kids swam in. S..t, Justin,….your idiotic/poorly tymed ‘bribe’ is of the magnitude that Erin still comes in ahead of you. I can see a number of your own Liberal caucus deciding not to run this tyme because of your decision….you know, the olde ”I want to spend more tyme with my family” and other such ‘reasons’. One or two have already signed off. Imagine.

Updates And Stuff
    I was reasonably sure I saw my life flash before me as my Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone fell to the pavement down by the Skyline Living Commune Garden early last week….I was just switching it from one of my 4-inch paint brushes to the other (aka my partially functioning hands) to do another call to Miz. Jo….a ‘daily’ routine in my Cell Fone 101 Course. S–t! No, no, no….it was MUCH worse than a few ‘No’s….Rotzy came right undone…..blew a gasket….major nervous breakdown….totally lost it….the whole “F/N” works! Lots of coughs and ‘far coughs’ a-plenty. Sorry to say that my pals Wheelchair Bobber and Radman (not their real names) took the brunt of the explosion, tho they knew not why. Neither did Helene (not her real name either) who picked a BAD tyme to come and ask ”how’s your garden Bob”? ‘No good for s–t, Helene’ I growled, or something like that, at which point she hastily departed. So….SO….I carefully retrieved Sammy Samsung, whose face now resembles a road map of New Jersey with cracks going everywhere, and somehow I called Jo Ann, who actually answered….so Rotzy turned the air blue again, Miz. Jo quickly settled me down by saying ‘you don’t have to move out’, ‘the fone still works phine’. Anyway, I was afraid to even touch Sammy for a phew days….OK, OK, OK, OK I lied, and I’m STILL scared of/by it!!!….so I’m lagging behind a tad in my lessons. Stay tuned. AS to Health And Wellness….still visiting the VON twice weekly for leg bandaging and pressure ‘tensor socks applied….maybe a couple more weeks to get bandage-free. And no other appointments in the immediate future. Oh yes…..trying not to do a complete melt-down and become a large puddle of perspiration….holy s–t, is this HOT or what? but still no hose/tap for us olde guys to play ‘Barney Bad-Ass’ under! I’ll see if we can use the other tap here at #555….Rotzy will will be The Hoser!

*Thought Of The Day…Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things. (Miz. Jo)

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