Better election polls

Some election polls are better than others.

We like the Angus Reid Institute’s polls for a number of reasons. There are explanations behind the polls, the methods used, the current issues, good graphics, clear and simple to understand.

One would expect the CBC to have good polls. Keeping the story brief, we are very disatisfied with CBC polls. They need explanations clarifying how a party with the highest percentage fails to get the most seats. There is an explanation as CBC Ombudsman explained but the average Internet user does go behind the scenes for explanations as we did. We dealt with the Ministry of Communication in Ottawa and spoke with the CBC Ombudsman. But site visitors, people interested in polls and election graphics should expect charts and graphs should stand on their own. CBC gets a failing grade for their effort.

Thanks to the Ombudsman, the CBC reporting staff has received notification about our difficulty and supposedly are getting back to us.

We patiently await their responses.


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