Beware of “porch pirates” if you shop online w home delivery

Shop online and receive your purchases via home delivery is becoming riskier business nowadays. There is no respect given to your home, or your front doorstep anymore. Today if you buy and have deliveries made to your home, you are at risk of being hit by ‘porch pirates,’ a new breed of theives who prey on online shoppers who receive home front door deliveries.

There are precautions you can take to reduce the risk…

‘Porch pirates’ are like ‘remora’ fish that attach themselves to a shark and clean the scraps left behind by the ravaging host. Many ‘porch pirates’ attach themselves to UPS, Fedex or Purolator delivery trucks watching where deliveries are made and then they pounce shortly after the delivery is completed.

You should take preventative precautions to reduce the risk of ‘porch pirate’ occurrences:

  • Delivery companies can schedule deliveries for times you request. Ask for times convenient to you, when someone is home to take the delivery in person.
  • If you are given means of tracking your deliveries via tracking numbers or email connectivity, use the procedure to follow your delivery until it arrives.
  • If it is really essential to have security and you cannot be home, consider getting a postal box which can be a secure drop off locations.
  • Can you have the package delivered to an alternate address where you have someone who can accept delivery in person on your behalf? Make the necessary arrangements. Ask neighbours if they might be able to help in this regard.
  • Install security cameras, such that the persons coming on to your porch are tracked and monitored. Thieves will be caught in the act on video which can help identify them when/if they are caught by the police.
  • Surveillance cameras should be high resolution and capable of night time use.

Take precautions if you buy online with home deliveries. It may save your purchases from ‘porch pirate piracy.’



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