Ever visit Internet sites you have previously visited but now forget the password to it? If you visit many sites, this is very common, even to those with the best of memories.

You have two choices: either maintain a little ‘black book’ which you could lose or worse, someone could steal it OR begin using a PASSWORD MANAGER application to log and help you with all your passwords.

Check out one of the very best PASSWORD Managers available anywhere and pay just $1 US a month for universal access.

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LASTPASS is an outstanding PASSWORD MANAGER. It will save your passwords, log in automatically to sites you have registered, save notes and save credit card information.

It does all the above things in a secure and safe system stored off-site for you. The application can be used universally. on a desktop PC, on a MAC, on a tablet, with an iPad, with an iPhone, in Android systems and more. You may think it has to be a very expensive application given its powerful features and capability, but you would be wrong. LASTPASS premium costs $2 US a month. And it has all the features and capabilities you can ask for and expect of a premium application.

The app is easy to learn, easy to use, easy to remember, and you only have to remember ONE password, the one to open LASTPASS, your master password. Nothing else. Store 100’s of passwords, reset passwords and LASTPASS does all the work, update passwords. It does it all.

LASTPASS is the last password manager you will ever use because it is simply the best.

To download the FREE version click on DOWNLOAD but understand the FREE version is limited to ONE DEVICE only. For $2 US/month you can get the premium version and unlock everything that LASTPASS has to offer. A great app at a very fair price.

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