CLASS ACT, Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods

Stone Barrington takes down old and new enemies in the latest thriller from perennial fan favourite Stuart Woods.

After a rocky jaunt in Maine, Stone Barrington is settling back in New York City when an old client reaches out for help with a delicate matter. A feud they thought was put to rest long ago has reemerged with a vengeance and reputations—and money—are now on the line.

As Stone sets out to unravel a tangled web of crime and secrets, his mission becomes even more complicated when he makes an irresistible new acquaintance. In both the underbelly and upper echelons of New York, everyone has something to hide—and if Stone has learned anything, it’s that history has a way of repeating itself.

Richard comments
Stuart Wood is amazing for his capacity to turn out adult comic books not only at an incredible pace but at a consistent level of readability.

Class Act is a good example of an amazingly capable writer producing a very readable book quickly and efficiently. The number of books he has written is amazing. Woods seems to be able to churn these things out faster than the farmer in the dell produced butter. Even more amazing is that each book is engaging and entertaining. The plots are simple, straightforward. The themes are solid suspense, page after page. This writer has it down to a science. 

What a mind
He is a prose genius who seems to be able to compose and complete a novel in a few days. I imagine him just sitting down at his keyboard at 8 am and whacking away, word after word, at will. Break for lunch, finish the chapter by 4 pm and that’s it. Day after day, Monday to Friday, as if it is an office routine. Perhaps his mind whirs constantly playing with the plot, the story development, and the characters but the next office day, and he’s at it whipping off another chapter. 

And what is even more amazing is that each book entertains endlessly, page after page, chapter after chapter. It reads like fun and you sense he is having fun in writing it.

Readers will find every one of his Stone Barrington books tremendously enjoyable, wonderful reading in the sense that every reader just wants to read the next page, and the next, and the next. The pleasure never stops until the end where you know you have had a tasty treat satisfying your reading appetite but without stuffing you with high-calorie, heavy-ladened barbs of prose. A light meal that was enjoyable. Full stop.



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