CRAZY COVE, an anthology

CRAZY COVE, Editors Koroscil, Menon, Tucker

‘Crazy Cove – A Romp with the Writers of Courtney Park’ 

An original anthology of short fiction, memoirs and poems. The writers of Courtney Park are an eclectic array of authors sharing sincere stories. The reader can snuggle in for authentic adventures, which include good humour, history, wit, wonderment, inspiring insight and, at times, intense emotions.

The poetry and prose in this anthology are to be savoured, enjoyed for their originality, refined technique and for how they shift the heart and mind toward memorable moments in life.

For the Courtney Park Writers, ‘Crazy Cove’ is a metaphorical place for gathering, and a “secret clubhouse” reserved just for its members-writers and poets-to share experiences, thoughts, to laugh or cry, to read their work and listen to others, and to regale each other with funny tales.

The anthology contains biographical and fictional accounts of life, all artfully braided into a wonderful collection. Much like a box of assorted confections brimming with different flavours, the reader can cherish delving into each piece, every individual morsel revealing a reading delight of surprise, history, nostalgia, dreams, laughter, fantasy, reality, spirituality, beauty, love and human connection.

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