Dec 28 – Bad day at Blackrock…

Even the best of us have bad days, you know the kind. The kind where you probably should have stayed in bed. You put on your T-shirt, backwards. You got the underwear on, inside out. And you saw it was going to be one of those days minutes after getting out of bed.


Deadlines And Such….
….being what they are, last week’s column became somewhat redundant (*see below) quicker than Doug Ford can say ‘from red to gray’. You may or may not be aware that Rotzy writes “F/N” on the Sat and Sun prior to Wednesday publishing day. Many/most weeks I give it a quick/final ‘proof read’ Monday at 5:00 or 6:00AM before hitting ‘send’….and THAT becomes the ‘final word’. Well, that was the case Mon ayem folks as I sent the “F/N” column northward to Editor Eric in Geraldton….with the understanding ALL of Ontario (except a couple hot spots) would become RED on the COVID-19 Chart/Map on Dec 25th, for 28 days. But that changed at Noon when the Premier dropped the bombshell….ALL ONTARIO will be GRAY as of Dec 25 for TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS. Instant “F/N” Redundancy (*see above) for most of last week’s column. Hey, Rotzy’s not ticked off at the Premier for his decision, and/or the timing of it….in fact, he took a lot of heat for NOT going gray immediately but waiting until Xmas. In fact, it looked/sounded like Andrea Horwath was ‘in pretty good form’ and has still avoided eating somebody’s sox. Anyway, although “From Nakina” isn’t thrilled at ‘becoming gray’ on the Chart/Map, I am more concerned that Ford has HAD to go that length to get a handle on things. Meaning that people are NOT listening to him and the health experts. Well, it says here that when the daily numbers start appearing which will reflect Ontarians/Canadians behaviour over Xmas and New Year it’ll  be a wake-up call that WILL get people’s attention. And….THEN….will we start being good little boys and girls??!!

Very Thoughtful
    To say Miz. Jo and Rotzy were VERY ‘flattered’ by the sheer number of well-wishers for our 43rd Anniversary last week on the 22nd is putting it mildly, to say the least! Incredible!! We even had a fone call from our Best Man, Lloyd (not his real name), just before our anniv. supper! And yes, in case you were wondering, Jo Ann and yours truly still got Neil Young keyed up with Harvest Moon for our annual dance….this year around the living room, a MUCH more ‘user-friendly’ dance floor than our deck for 18 years up in Nakina, at around -30C. Anyway, we lasted almost 3/4 of the song and even tho Miz. Jo had said ‘no twirls’, I managed to sneak one in. Thanks again for your kind words and remembering.

Something Missing?!
    Sat Dec 26th found me down front in Norm The Truck just before 6:00AM….perfectly normal for the olde guy….for my dark roast coffee, a couple puffs….listening to the radio whilst warming up Norm’s 4.0 litre V-6 so I could get back into my new book (can’t remember the author/title yet) which is set in a logging town in Quebec’s Boreal Forest, very similar to Nakina. Of course I was tuned into 92.9 The Grand, because of my ‘boycott” of 740AM Zoomer Radio and (owner) Moses Znaimer’s penchant for running those damned CARP ‘Fire The Ministers’ commercials (aimed at Doug Ford). Anyway, the boycott is a piece of cake….soon as I hear the Head CARP I just push a button, and Bingo! I’m on 92.9 FM!! Until such a tyme as when I hear ‘Feliz Navidad’, ‘Alvin And The Chipmunks’, or ‘non Xmas tunes’ like early Beatles stuff such as ‘Please Mr Postman’, ‘Please Please Me’ and cetera. But anyway, back to Boxing Day morning on 92.9 The Grand….and after 3 or 4 songs it occurred to me there was No Xmas Music!! As I shouted (to myself) ”Way to go, Toad… did it!! You made it through another year of Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, Burl Ives, Bing and Bowie, Steve and Edie and Sonny and Cher. Anyway, I surely don’t want to come across as The Christmas Music Hating Grinch….but jeez….could the stations hold off playing it until the first week of December….rather than early November??!! Thank you in advance. So….feeling a tad of ‘Xmas glow’ still about me, I figured I’d let some of it rub off on Moses and 740 Zoomer AM and lift their remaining boycott….so I did! And I felt quite pleased with myself doing it. Well, methinks I heard part of one song, then another and on comes the familiar voice of the Head CARP telling people that ”CARP’s petition (to turf the two ministers) has reached 3000 signatures”. (not sure, so don’t quote me on this, but I believe you have to join CARP in order to sign) Sorry, Moses, you and your friends at CARP just done got 740AM ‘Bleeped’ again. Tell ya something, M/Z, this entire advertisement ‘campaign’ is SO stupid, it is trying to convince people that if Doug Ford ‘replaces’ his Min of Health and Min of Long Term Care the entire COVID-19 mess will improve greatly. Isn’t that what CARP’s saying? Well, shut the (front door)!! C’mon man!! Really?

Did Somebody Say ‘Legacy’?
    A number of Trump backers I know have/had pointed out to yours truly how various sectors of business and industry have benefitted immensely from various decisions and programs instituted by the Trump Govt. during his tenure and Rotzy agreed with them. Ditto for the media/major networks, of course, with the exception of CNN….but I’m not going there. But then….in November….there was an election. Donald Trump LOST! Sadly, he didn’t simply lose the vote….it looks like, from here in the cheap seats (north of the 49th), he has also lost his mind. This trip/tour he has taken his 73 million backers on….as well as the rest of America, not to mention ‘interested’ countries from all corners of the globe….has turned the office of The President of The United States of America (the ‘most powerful person’ in the world for over 100 years) to where that could/would be laughed at, altho ‘tears of rage’ are more the order of the day! In a place/position, they may never recover from. His current lack of anything/everything remotely related to coronavirus is still mind-boggling, and there he was Xmas and Boxing Day down at his Florida digs with billions of COVID-19 earmarked greenbacks requiring the President’s signature. Tough s–t….he just started on the back nine. Plus….he’s got to get cracking on that list of ‘PARDONS’!! Pretty much all of the ‘offenders’ from the Trump Family already have their ‘Get Out Of Jail cards…now he’s gonna get working on some real hard-ass cons doing long terms….no doubt a few on Death Row. Did somebody say ‘legacy’? ‘Nuff said,

*Thought Of The Day…Let’s relax tonight by spending two hours deciding what to watch on Netflix *tm.

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