Password managers…the two best

Anyone who uses computers and explores the Internet or uses the Internet for commercial/retail purposes, should be using a password manager. If they are not, they are tempting fate or working inefficiently and maybe even carelessly.

Lastpass has been my password manager of choice for as long as I have been using computers. I subscribed to lastpass when it cost $1 a month, long ago.

My reviews of LastPass can be found elsewhere on the site here.

However, if I were starting over, I would give the new kid on the password manager block very serious consideration.

Bitwarden seems to squeak out the winner’s title when compared closely with LastPass but only a real computer nerd would make that claim. 

For most users, Bitwarden will do just fine and compares very favourably with LastPass in almost every area from ease of use to use on multiple devices.

The chief reason users may want to consider Bitwarden over LastPass is price, $10/yearly subscription vs. $36. Though price should not be the only consideration when choosing a password manager, but given the overall similarities of these two programs, it would be the decision maker for me if I were in the market.

I will not consider switching what I use now because I have this fear, based on years of making changes, updating and reinstalling newer versions of programs, a fear that making the change will cause me a lot of grief before the change is completed. This is so true for me that I will not install new versions unless they have been tested and I am convinced I will not have problems.

But if I were starting from scratch, BITWARDEN would be my choice.

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