Log every transaction you make, without fail.

Log all your conversations. 
It is crucial to record all your conversations with any corporation, any institution, any company in full detail. This means you do the following:

  1. Name of person(s) with whom you have spoken. ASK IF THEY HAVE AN AGENT # OR GET THEIR SURNAME. Confirm the accuracy of your spelling or the number you have written down.
  2. Mark down the DATE and TIME of your conversation
  3. Ask if the company can provide you with an emailed transcript of the conversation

Take your time in the conversation, ask the person with whom you are talking to repeat things if necessary, to wait as you make your notes. There is nothing shameful about what you are doing, keeping accurate records of what a company is telling you.

Now, when and if any dispute comes up in the future, you are well prepared to deal with it as you have detailed notes about the whole conversation. 

You will derive great satisfaction hearing the gust of expelled air when you lead off the dispute discussion with “Wait till I pull up all my notes with “SO AND SO of your company with whom I spoke on ‘date and time.’ You will be on the offensive position from the start, rather than on the defense.



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