Does your driving capability need re-assessment ?

The day will come for all of us, some sooner than others, but we all will have to stop driving. Studies have show that accident rates for old drivers are comparable to those of young drivers. Driving capability re-assessment should be done for everyone beyond 70. Age brings depreciation of vision, hearing and reaction times. Is there someone in your family who should be re-evaluated for driving capability? A difficult evaluation but you could be saving their life or the life of someone else by re-evaluating the driving capability of your loved one.

Norris McDonald, retired Toronto Star Wheels section columnist is a proponent of drivers over 80 doing a mandatory road test, something still not legislated in Ontario. It should be. Read his commentary:  NORRIS

Another useful tool that could help you assess someone’s capability is offered by the Canadian Automobile Association, CAA. The article is offered below for your convenience.

Do the self-assessment even if you do not fall into that age demographic just to remind yourself about good driving habits which you may have inadvertently let slip in your own driving.

[ To download and print the CAA seniors driving self assessment tool,
click:  CAA 

CAA Driving Assessment
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