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All candidates were invited to submit a campaign message.
Respondents to date [ Click the candidate in the list below for details ] :

ASHE, KEVIN, MAYOR candidate
BRENNER, REGIONAL Councillor candidate, Ward 1 (video)
COOK, Linda, Councillor candidate, Regional Ward 2
CUNNINGHAM, Emma, TRUSTEE, Durham District School Board
FRAMPTON, Janice, MAYOR candidate
HAROLD, Tony, Councillor candidate, Ward 1
NAZAR, Brad, Mayor candidate
PICKLES, Dave, REGIONAL councillor candidate, Ward 3
SOLIGO, Jeanine, Councillor candidate, Ward 1
STRANGE, Gary, REGIONAL councillor candidate, Ward 2
TURNER, George, Councillor candidate, Ward 2
YACUB, Anthony, Councillor candidate, Ward 1

Remember these councillors?


(People can change, politicians too!)


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