Recently, my mother in law passed away. The ESTATE ORGANIZER was a real value in ensuring that every important person was contacted and received details about the funeral. We are very thankful that we had completed it.

We prepared the document years ago, updating the information periodically. When the time came to use the document, it was incredibly useful, all the needed information in one place, all the contact phone numbers in a list, all the important people, listed in a practical checklist. It really was a Godsend.

It is very true that the time when a family death occurs is very shocking, a time of profound grief and terrible anxiety. The Estate Organizer relieved all the stress of locating the names and phone numbers of crucial people. Everything was complete, prepared in advance and every base covered. To say the document is practical and valuable is a gross understatement.

This document reduces the panic and stress because the planning has been done long ago and the steps to take are all listed.

View sample pages from the full document here. Your family will be very grateful you had the foresight to leave behind this completed document. Completing the full document is time-consuming but the benefits of its preparation are indescribable.


Purchase the full document ($ 10 Cdn ). Available via email in PDF format or hard copy via Canada Post.

Email Richard Szpin at richardszpin@gmail.com2015-12-12_17h14_21


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