Feb 24 – a sushi platter of news items

Readers Write
   And I am compelled to say this one was/is a dandy…..perhaps a little ‘odd’ sense of humour. But it works for me so check it out* “Along with my will, I have included the following instructions prior to my burial….at my funeral, take the bouquet off my coffin and throw it into the crowd to see who is next”.

Brant’s Ford Stuff
   Congrats to Skyline Living, our kindly keepers here at #555 Harris Place regarding their Best Yet response tyme to a 2-inch snowfall we had here early last week….the snow stopped before they arrived and they had their Bobcat*tm plow in action at about 9:32 AM! Now, it matters not that they’re not quite sure HOW to best move snow, where to move the snow or the obvious fact that the 6 ft. blade is much too small for a property this size. The good news is that they got here the same day it snowed, so it’s an ‘A’ for Effort! The bad news is that the MUCH larger/brand new plow still sits (like a big yellow-gold monument) where the truck dropped it off almost three months ago. Word is it won’t hook-up to the Bobcat*tm.

   Sorry that I have to report a recent ‘road rage’ incident….OK, OK, OK, sorry to report that Rotzy was the ‘rager’, but this was plainly a case of blatant ‘thievery’ over on Fairvew at the SDM Plaza. I drove just past the open spot, of which there were precious few, put the Equinox in Reverse, and some guy in a white Honda or Hyundai (I can’t tell the difference in the ‘H’ on the hood) ignores me completely and drives straight into it, like I’m not even there!! Sorry to report he didn’t seem to hear my verbal barrage because he vanished. Unfortunately Miz. Jo DID hear it and yet appeared to be supportive of me and how I/we had just been robbed of OUR parking spot. I finally found another spot, parked Edna and was sure I spotted the thief on foot as we walked over to SDM but decided to let him off with a tongue-lashing….besides, I’m not as quick as I once was.

A Busy Week….
…ahead for Miz. Jo and yours truly. It’s Sat Feb 22…11:30AM as I write this portion of “From Nakina”….so….SO…. the first thing on my To-Do List is to head down to Circle ‘K’ to verify/cash in on my/our Lotto Max Ticket….for $70 MILLION DOLLARS!!! The olde guy is feeling super confident this tyme around, much more so than the last two draws. This is partially because I won $2 bucks on the last draw, hence I’m playing on OLG money. Well, so to speak. Besides Jo Ann just cashed a $30 scratch and win ticket, so, you see, we’re BOTH hot! (*Sunday AM Update…something wrong….I/we didn’t win. Nor did anybody else….hence I’ll get $75 Million Tuesday nite!!

   Next on our agenda for the week is a double-overnighter visit from Jo Ann’s younger sister….aka Sisty-Ugler #3….her first tyme here, tho her daughter and grand daughters have been here for two swim meets. Perhaps a nice roast of beast for Sun dinner!? Then Mon it’s the monthly cleaning ladies after lunch.

   I gotta check this one but methinks it’s Tues the EMS folks are here for an update appt. We’re involved in a program they’ve begun with oldsters living in apartments where Miz Jo and I are already set up/registered with them for our individual BP, Meds, and cetera so that if/when we require an ambulance they have all our pertinent info with them. There are a number of people in #555, #575 and #535 who’ve joined up. And word has it that perhaps Miz. Jo’s ‘Jo Bears*tm’….which after ONE week of production now number a dozen!….just may find a new home!!

   Thurs Miz. Jo has a follow-up appt with her Plastic Surgeon Dr Sam, and we expect he’ll have the biopsy results after the Feb 7th successful removal of The Thing, and yes, the healing process has gone VERY well indeed!’

   By the bye, when we landed here at #303-555 Harris Place Oct One 2018 we decided we would NOT cook/prepare dinner on Fri nights….going with take-out/order in….any/every kind of food imaginable, and we’ve stuck to it. Anyway Rotzy’s already fired up for next week, something new from Popeyes*tm….butterfly shrimp, fries, biscuit and red pepper jelly sauce. Long live Cajun, ya’ll!! And can you believe getting this worked up over food? Well, Miz. Jo got it right a number of years back when she quipped to a friend of ours….”I eat to live and (pointing directly at the fatt guy) HE lives to eat”. Of course Nakina has been without a restaurant for a number of years, so aside from Legion/Seniors Dinners and Sam’s Pizza (which is still the World’s Best!) that Nakina PS sold from tyme to tyme, you were/are outta luck…..whilst here in the Telephone City it’s like a bottomless pit! Hell I’m even thinking of trying some fresh sushi from Zehr’s….but don’t tell Jo Ann….stay tuned on that baby.

If Time Magazine….
   were to announce it’s ‘Person’ Of The Year’ at the end of this month, rather than wait until year’s end, could/would it shape up like this three man race? 1/ Cdn Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has sat idly by as a ‘protest’ by one F/N group from B.C has grown to the point that has basically shut his/this country down. 2/ Ontario Premier Doug Ford (who recently gave one of his MPP’s a 14% raise) can’t seem to get his head around the term ‘negotiations’….and since it is pretty much agreed that a settlement is no closer now than the first week of Dec, thereby earning himself a great big fat ‘F’ from any and all educators in his Province. 3/ To avoid an ‘all-Canadian lock’ on proceedings, Time’s editors have added U.S. President Donald Trump to the ‘contest’. They can say/do what they want, but it says here that Trump is going to re-write the book on ‘How To Campaign For Us President’….and he and Missus T ‘kicked off the show’ at The Daytona 500 last week, tho Melania appeared to have some sort of laryngitis. But it was ‘all Trump’ doing stuff Presidents have never been seeing doing before, under the Florida sunshine….doing a lap in his limo, hooked up by microphone with all the drivers, speeches and delays. Then it poured rain five minutes after the motorcade left. Imagine. What is Bernie Sanders thinking? Or is he? Thinking. Well, Trump’s campaign/machine is just getting started….head’s up/watch out on July 4th….Independence Day. And do not be surprised….with his $ and imagination….if he brings the entire original cast of the American Revolution….’LIVE”….on the White House lawn as well as Paul Revere and Boston’s Tea Party, where he/they will hang Wolf Blitzer for Treason. (*how are ya gonna top THAT Bernie?!) Ditto for Trudeau and Fordo gracing Time’s cover. Well I suppose the editors could go with the 15-yr old Global Warming Whiz. Again.

*Thought Of The Day…My wife says I have two faults….I don’t listen….and something else

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