2020 – Fermo…$500 FINE…evaded

$500 fine….eeeyikes!

So Fermo’s walking along the shore, dipping his toes in the Gulf of Mexico waters, not a care in the world, when 2 women approach us with some heated words. One reprimands and scolds us both, as if Fermo understands being scolded by strangers.

“You’re liable to a $500 fine for having you dog on the beach. I saw your dog peeing on the wharf support. Would you like having your grandkids play in an area where a dog has peed?” Whew…those words got our attention, fast.

The other lady was friendlier, more supportive with “You can take your dog to the dog beach, a little ways down on the other side of the pier. There are lots of dogs there as that beach allows dogs.”

Fermo and I moved. 

Some of our preliminary photos of the beach…more to come soon!

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