Feb 28 – Sunday #2 Re-write….OK?….Bob A Quick Apology….

Rotzy’s might be slippin’ up a bit…the winter finally gettin’ to him but here’s his revision to last week’s column….He’s claimin’ a lack of oxygen.

….for last week’s “F/N” column/dog’s breakfast…..Sun and Mon portions in particular. As Miz.Jo pointed out to me in the aftermath, ”you weren’t even here Sun morning”! and even as I rapidly countered with “Oh yea? Was too….was too!”! I knew she had me. Long story short….not enough oxygen getting into my gray matter. Hence, I was off to BGH E/R again via EMS early aft….using up (hopefully) the last of my Frequent Rider Miles Program. ECG/EKG, B/work, Chest X-Rays, more B/Work, Ct-Scan, and cetera….no heart attack, no blood clot in lungs, and cetera. Gonna have an echo cardiogram follow-up in a couple weeks. I need to keep my 02 levels up or Rotzy gets like Elvis ”all fogged up”…..well-a bless-a my soul. So….SO….what eventually made it to the news stands on the “F/N” page last Wed was the s–ts. And the timing couldn’a been worse, looking at ALL things happening within The Dominion and beyond….all the while Rotzy’s pumpkin was being reduced to something comparable to creamed spinach….with my IQ surely having slipped to levels well below my standard BGG (Brantford Guy Group) registration numbers, which, at the moment, escapes me. Anyway, bear with me, readers, whilst I aim to make amends and get the Rotzy Roller back on track. And thanks.

Another ‘Apology’….
….of a different sort. I’m walking out of Zehr’s Market last mid-week with some $20-odd bucks worth of groceries, whilst getting a run-down of Tyson The Cart Guy’s (not his real name) bets in his NHL Pool for the nite before. He’s really into that stuff, but he’s on a skid, sliding from 4th place down to 8th in just over a week! and he was lamenting an abysmal performance last night by T.O’s goaler vs les Canadiens, who had won a total of only 8 games to that point. So….SO….I’m reminding Tyson, though he certainly was already aware, that their current points/records don’t matter a damn when the Leafs and Habs get together. Suddenly he switches his tone with ”Aw…..lookit that, man”. And there it is….my (and surely his) first ‘F–k Trudeau’ sign….right in front of our eyes! Factory made/store bought and installed on the trunk of a spiffy, little black Honda or Hyundai (I can’t tell the difference), which, according to Ty, was parked quite ‘illegally’. So of course Rotzy immediately mumbled something about ”the car’s likely just been in the Ottawa area….notoriously bad parking!….to which the Cart Guy guy agreed. Oddly, at the first spotting of the flag….and I say ‘oddly’ because I can curse with the best/worst of them when needed, yet I felt a slight sense of ’embarrassment’….at seeing the ‘F’ word right out in the open where anybody/everybody can see it. And see it they did….as if on cue for ‘our benefit’ a young mother and father (30-ish?) with a young daughter (9 or 10?) son (7 or 8?) plus a little one in a stroller. The boy and girl spotted the flag right off and Mom’s trying to herd them quickly toward the entrance without kicking up any more fuss and a quick glance at Ty and me….then Dad barked out something at them and ‘the show was over’. Leaving yours truly with that damned ‘sense of embarrassment’….again….only more pronounced this tyme. And that, for Rotzy as well as the bulk of Canadians will serve as a reminder of ‘the message’ left behind when the anti-vaccers/honkers/flag-flyers(*see below), rioters/protestors/pigs/sheep/bandwagoners/partyers/mandate haters/fund raisers AND some Truckers….mostly O/O’s (Owner Operators) or Brokers as we called them when yours truly worked in Transportation. Anyway, it’s clear YOU don’t like Justin T…..well, neither do I! REALLY!! But your flag is rude/embarrassing…..DITCH IT, OK?! Merci.

The Town With A Heart Of Gold
That’s what the sign said as you entered Geraldton coming from #11 East and going north on HWY#584. I have no idea what the interchange looks like now with Greenstone (formerly Premier) Gold Mines getting ready to rock. Having said that, “From Nakina” has never really gotten much into Obits and such, leaving those things to Times-Star Editor Eric K. and others, but after having got word last week, there will be one less ‘heart of gold’ to greet folks in G’ton. Miz. Jo and I settled in Nakina back in May 2000 and immediately found that a trip to Geraldton/Gerbilton/The Big Town’ (usually once monthly) with half a dozen ‘stops’ was necessary for stuff not available in Nakina….Marino’s Hardware was always on the list and shooting the s–t with John was a necessity….I was ‘editor’ of The Nakina News (TNN) and John always called me ‘Mr. Editor’ as I set a couple dozen copies on their counter….and he was The Chief. Well, Rotzy’s not The Editor any more but John will ALWAYS be The Chief. Altho Rotzy’s not ‘right on top of everything Greenstone these days’, John fought a helluva fight….longer than most thought possible. Our thoughts are with Cheryl and the Family. This Is NOT A “F/N” Scoop….. far from it….nor is it any great revelation of facts….the ‘facts’ of this item were all there….in place….and had been for some tyme. However, the FACT of the matter is that yours truly, in spite of/because of my sorry-ass health situation LAST week, I somehow managed to NOT get some kind of word/heads up into LAST week’s column about the WORLD THREATENING SITUATION in Ukraine. Hello? Meanwhile, that whole world-wide potential disaster was virtually ignored for the best part of two weeks while newscasts like CTV Kitch/CBCTV/CBC Radio, and cetera concentrated their broadcasts on Ottawa’s Mandates/Truckorama and what seemed like ‘dwindling interest’ in other COVID stuff. So….SO….with what might be termed ‘WW III warming up on Ukraine’s back lawn’….with anchors and anchorettes offering up nothing more than a few snippets. With more than 150,000 Russian Troops and Weaponry like they like to show off in their parade 1st of May, already in position to attack….soon as they ‘got the word’. Hello?! It’s Sunday Feb 27th this ayem….AND….HELLO??!! (more seriously this tyme!!) It’s DAY FOUR since ”Comrade Putin Has Declared War On Ukraine”!!! Meanwhile I was just down for a ‘puff’ In Edna The CUV, caught part of a CBC World Report News update listing the Dead and Injured for both sides….the number of Russian Military Dead (to this point) blew me away and Rotzy’s gonna do a follow-up recheck….so stay tuned!! While The West looks on….again/still…like we did in Hungary in 1956 and others since then. We….THE WEST….are hitting them in their wallet! Well, I’ll check the Vodka Dept at the In & Out Store today and smash any Smirnoff 40 and 60’s, OK?!

Fotos And Other Scary Stuff
Miz. Jo got me a spiffy pair of knee-high compression sox ON-LINE last Thursday…..Rotzy’s very FIRST item of CAMO clothing….of any kind! ”Looking good”! I said, then declaring I would wear them to the BGG Meeting Friday at the Navy Club. Knowing I’d be safe from laughing/finger pointing and/or rude comments….because Brantford Guys are not rude….especially to 76-yr olde presidents. Seeing that all but about 2 of 43 members are also presidents. All of ’em know yours truly ‘can’t find any long stride (”STRIDES”??!! And ever since we arrived in Brant’s Ford ”From Nakina” (yes, even in winter and I miss those northern winters, like when it down to -35C and lower. Anyway, Miz. Jo didn’t stop with the camo socks…..my newest/most favourite pair…..bright yellow trim, sporting almost 100 assorted dogs on EACH knee-high VIASOX.com*tm. I HAD to ‘pose’….dog sox and BGG t-shirt….for pics for our son and the two sisty-uglers up north. S–t. Rotzy’s becoming a walking ‘fashion statement’. On a serious ‘California Tilt’!!

*Thought Of The Day…If Restrictions and Mandates are being lifted, you can thank the silent majority of Canadians that got vaccinated! NOT the travelling Side Show that will surely take the credit. (Globe & Mail)

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