Federal election poll – FUZION

The reliability of election polls is unpredictable.

Many of these political polls have been inaccurate in how they have predicted the final outcome of elections. The Trump-Clinton campaign is a good example of how polls can be wrong. Clinton was predicted as the one who would succeed. Trump surprised everyone.

CBC – Fake news or confusingreporting
Worse than reliability, polls misleading information can complicate matters even more. The CBC, recently published a poll in which the percentages showed the Conservatives leading but the seat projections gave the victory to the LIBERALS. Very confusing and what made matters worse, attempts at contacting Eric Grenier, the senior writer who reported the CBC polls, no response was received, thereby leaving the public to remain confused.

It aint over till the fat lady sings
The federal Director of Policy, Patricia Beh, is the Ottawa official to be contacted for information about the CBC [ Ph: 819-997-7788 ] She is scheduled to return to her office Aug 29th and at that time, we will be pursuing this matter further. The question is “How do we confirm the accuracy of CBC reporting or contact their reporters firsthand?”

Stay tuned !

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