LIBERALS lack class

Former Prime Minister candidate shows his lack of class in towing the party line.

So you don’t vote based on the federal party having class. Then, Liberals are your choice. Last  week in a desparate move to make themselves look good while making Andrew Scheer look bad, Ralph Goodale posted a video showing Andrew Scheer opposing same sex marriage. Problem is the video is more than 16 years old. At the time, Scheer was 25 years old.

Do you still hold the same views you held when you were 25 years old? Have you changed over the many years, matured more, refined your views more, abandoned some old ones which you felt were no longer appropriate, valid or current enough? Well, Scheer may privately hold a view that is contrary to his public position on same sex marriage; he accepts the constitutionality of the law which legalizes same sex marriage.

The Liberal Party has no political class and Ralph Goodale, one time candidate for the office of Prime Minister, displays the same lack of class. They sling mud at a federal election candidate. Not only is it sad that they have resorted to mud-slinging but they have chosen to use mud which is almost 20 years old.

Scheer may privately hold views which are not aligned with the laws of the nation. Many people hold convictions privately which they cannot announce publically, for fear of sounding racist, xenophobic, homophobic or agist. Yet, they continue to hold the contrary views privately. I may not agree with the legalization of marijuana as it gives the public greater and freer access to drugs but it is the law of the land and I cannot publically oppose it. I may believe anyone carrying an automatic rifle should be jailed immediately, but no law exists that would support my private view. So my personal belief goes unattended by the police force.

Check out Rosie DiManno‘s opinion about this mudslinging, as of Aug 24, 2019, one day after our initial post about this class act. Way to go Rosie ! I couldn’t agree more and I am ashamed of Ralph Goodale for his shameful actions. I really thought he had more class than that….but then, I think Caroline Mulroney has more class too….but that’s another story.

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