Getting away from winter

Getting away from old man winter is great, if you can do it. And Florida.

Just My opinion….
There is a heated debate going on here in Florida by the Americans about that illusive Trump wall, but not much about the net wall that most Americans would like to build on their northern borders to keep out the Canada geese. Yes, that is right! As Toronto suffers through another harsh winter the lucky Snowbirds pack their bags and head south much like the Canada geese do in late Fall.

This is our sixth year as snowbirds and we have been flocking to Florida and loving every moment of our stay. We are comfortable and fit into the social fabric just fine as long as politics are never discussed and Floridians love their politics. As much as O relish a good debate, I do not wish to engage in heated arguments with anyone remotely American, as never ends well.

This Snowbird phase is our time to unwind from our daily stresses at home. We, literally, leave the winter blues behind in Ontario.

For two months our lifestyle is one of easy days spent outdoors, living a comfortable life of ease, exercise open-air concerts. We play Pickle Ball either in the early morning or in the evenings to avoid dehydration from the intense heat. There are teams to join, but we ourselves are not comfortable yet in our own skill level, so we play on our own. One hour of Pickle Ball is very beneficial for the heart; it lowers the A1C levels; strengthens and tones muscles, and continues to promote good eye-hand coordination. Later, in the afternoons, we go for another hour of brisk walking, all in the name of keeping our bodies healthy and toned and our minds sharp, while taking advantage of the excellent weather.

There is lots of time left in the day for reading, one of our all-time favourite hobbies! We have been in Kissimmee for three weeks now, and I am finishing my third book.

At our condo, there is an Activity Centre which offers once a week Drawing classes. I love these classes as they tend to tease out our artistic abilities. We have been drawing Disney cartoons mostly, but other cartoon characters factor in too. The classes are lots of fun, they provide a valuable learning curve, and fit in with our leisure schedule.

Daily excursions are also offered at the Activity Centre. An afternoon spent in Disney Springs is lots of fun as dormant childhood sensibilities come alive! I marvelled at a life-sized cartoon character made entirely of Lego blocs- 120,700 to be exact and it took 1,600-man hours to complete. Another fun day excursion could be to Gatorland or to Florida Wild where one can learn about the habitat and the characteristics of crocks, alligators, lizards and snakes. Disney World and Universal are more options for adventures, however, they are very pricey if one only wants to take in the atmosphere and walk around. Disney Springs is a better option as there is no parking fee or entry fee. Walking, browsing, shopping are options here followed by a delicious meal.

The one area where we have noticed a significant change since we have been coming here is in the dining experience. Whereas before the dinner portions were rather large, choices now from the lunch menu are offered but at dinner time. Or an appetizer becomes a dinner meal. This change is so much more conducive to smaller portions, feeling less stuffed, and creating less waste.

No matter what the purpose for Snowbirds are in coming to Florida, the options, the adventures, the outdoor activities and the choice of many hours of leisure, allowing them to enjoy, relax, recharge, but most importantly, to “Take it Easy.”


















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