Jan 20 – winter woes and dining out whines

Readers Write
  The “F/N” Inbound box was busy last week….and that’s a good thing….with the readership wanting to weigh in on anything/everything under the sun. Politics, the weather, part of the Royal Family wanting to become Canucks and who’s gonna pay the ‘security tab’, P/M Trudeau ‘reprimanding’ Trumper on the situation in Iran (*note*….Justin, you’d better watch your back after taking your stance vs the US), the Pres of Iran openly lying to the people of Iran (as well as the rest of the world) for days on end, regarding the Ukranian Airliner being shot down, and cetera. Also, there were plenty of humourous/semi-humourous forwards, not to mention George Clooney’s ‘DumbAss’ skit from SNL….double or triple the number we receive on a normal basis. As to the latter, yours truly is still going through them, but this one caught my eye….a single line, short and sweet and it goes like this…..*”I didn’t say all that s–t”, which came/comes across as a ‘Confucius Confession’ of sorts. You think? As to the downed 737 jet, Canada, and Canadians of all faiths mourned last week and numerous vigils were held for those who needlessly died, whilst citizens of Tehran, etc took to rioting in the streets, making their feelings known to their dicktator president and his ‘government’. Meanwhile Iraq has ordered Cdn (etc) ‘training troops’ to leave the country. Methinks I’m  gonna go and look for some ‘funny fwds’ for a while, OK?

Rotzy’s Blood Update
   Following my First Time Donor visit to the Civic Centre, I’ve been waiting for my ‘official’ Blood Donor Card in the mail….among other things, to find out what type I am….not that it really matters. Anyway, last Fri afternoon we were starting to get ready to head out for some ‘fine dining’ with a couple family members, in a nice restaurant*(see below) and the fone rings at 4:30. Miz. Jo says ‘Canadian Blood Services….for you’. Well, the lady thanked me profusely for donating blood, and when I said I was a rookie, she thanked me even more profusely, then said my card will arrive in a day or so. I thanked her, so she thanked me again and wondered ”do you know your blood type”? I said ”the R/N told me ‘you’ll see it when you get your card’ ”. Then the fone lady said ”what’s your birth date”? I asked ‘why do you want to know that?, I’m olde as dirt” and she replied ”I have it right here, and if you can tell me, I’ll tell you what blood type you are”. “Is this a quiz? A game? No? Well it’s April 6/45’….so do I win a prize”? Then, sounding quite gleeful, she said ”Sorry, no prize….BUT….you’re O Negative!” I said ”OK”. She repeated ”O Negative is a GOOD thing!….a VERY GOOD THING”!! “OK….um….thanks”. So….SO….realizing I know zilch about blood types….she basically told me that (loosely quoted) ”being O Negative is like a ‘rock star’ in the donor world, it’s ‘universal’ and anybody/everybody can use it”! In fact, BGH might fone you to get down there PDQ if they get an overly desperate situation! Whoa!! Anyway, bottom line is I’m booked at The Civic for two months from the day of my debut. Jeez, maybe I’ll get a t-shirt with ”O-NEG” on the front….and work on a ‘Mick Jagger strut’. Double Whoa!!

Restaurants, Eating Out
…fine dining and other stuff involving food (*see above) became a thing to avoid completely for Rotzy and Miz.Jo about four years back, at the onset of my ‘neck issues’….which also directly affects the use of my hands, etc. *OK,OK….this is not yours truly doing a ‘whine and cheese’ routine or moaning a ‘oh, woe is me’ number….it is what it is, OK? Truth known, I felt/feel very uncomfortable/self-conscious trying to get food IN my mouth, rather than on my shirt, with others looking on so we stayed away from any and all eateries, avoiding Dinners at the Nakina Legion, the Seniors Pot Lucks, Spag and Xmas Dinners at the schools and French Breakfasts at the Rec Complex. I guess that changed somewhat when we got to 555 Harris Place, seeing folks on walkers and in wheelchairs, like my good buddy Wheelchair Bob from 2 floors up, who had a severe stroke ten years ago. His wife wanted Miz. Jo and me to join them at the H/P Xmas Dinner in 2018….we did….nobody stared and/or laughed at either of us, tho we laughed our butts off all night! Bottom line, I’m fine with meals here, yet going out to restaurants remained taboo. Until Fri night. Actually Miz.Jo’s brother and his wife told us a few weeks back they were gonna be in Brant’s Ford for the annual Arabian Horse Ass. AGM and asked ‘would we join them for dinner Fri night’? Jo Ann said ‘OK” and Rotzy got all decked out for the occasion….and it WAS an ‘occasion’….with new jeans and a new plaid shirt. It worked out just fine…a nice large booth and seats with high backs, and the restaurant was NOT at all busy….as I didn’t spill/drop anything on the new duds, or have fragments of food get entangled in my beard! The only laughing came from our waiter, who laughed almost non-stop but I’m pretty sure none of it was aimed at me or my ‘sitting posture’. By the bye, we had a great visit and got all caught up on family stuff!!

Winter Stuff
   Well, altho Nakina has been having some temps in the -30’s and W/C into the -40’s The Telephone City is sitting at -2C, following a 3-inch snow fall yesterday….which spells ‘disaster’ down in this neck of the woods. Actually, methinks anything over 1 inch of ‘anticipated’ snow send us from a ‘watch’ to a ‘warning’. So….SO….the way drivers under-react/over-react to it is downright scary. As to the snow removal here at 555 Harris Place….IF some sort of plowing equipment does show up….following this storm (which was far from ‘Perfect’)….Skyline Living, our kindly owners/keepers at #555, as well as #575 and #535, still have a firm hold on ‘Btfd’s Worst Commercial Snow Removal Award’. It was/still is absolutely laughable, and the 200ft long,1-2ft deep ‘windrow’ he’s ‘left directly behind the row’ where I park Norm The Truck is gonna ‘knock parts off’ some of those vehicles when they try to drive/back outta their spot. The guy who was operating the plowing/sanding truck to be certain has NEVER driven one before, hence they coulda choose him a smaller place to learn. As I write this (Sun10:30AM) there are a few tenants out there shovelling….but NO ONE else! By the bye, a reader just emailed to say it’s 81F in southern Florida this ayem!…he and the wife flew outta Tronna yesterday morning at 8:00. As to the 555 Harris Place mess….stay tuned on this baby!!!

Thought Of The Day…I don’t mean to interrupt people, I just randomly remember things and get really excited.

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