From NAKINA...: July 1 – Ford, lawns, all complainable in Brantford

Summer bliss hasn’t hit Queens Park yet. Wondering if it will in the next year?

I Used Alice Cooper’s….
….line, ”Schools Out For Summer”, a couple weeks back in reference to Premier Doug sending his fellow MPP’s home to their ridings for a much longer vacation than students are getting. However this item is for/about the kids, an annual thing “From Nakina” has been doing since forever. A reminder for drivers that students will be using sidewalks, roads, and intersections without the benefits of a crossing guard, and at various tymes you may not be accustomed to….so, ‘ease up on the gas’ and, as always, be prepared to ‘give the kids a brake’! Remember, they aren’t careLESS, they’re careFREE!!! Thanks.

I Had Mentioned….
in the “F/” column (June 26th Times-Star edition) that Doug Ford reminded me of someone….a well-known face, and perhaps a comedian, not that there is anything even remotely funny about our Premier….asking the readership to help me put a name to my quandary. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. Even from some staunch Conservaties. Dare I say ‘especially’ from that group….hell, altho they’re still really BIG on ‘Wynne bashing’ (a sport that even former Liberals seem to enjoy), it’s as if they can’t bring themselves to actually saying/writing the Premier’s name….Doug Ford. See, Rotzy can do it. Anyway, Miz. Jo didn’t want the “F/N” Name The Fordo Lookalike to go uncontested, hence she put on her thinking cap on and came up with Drew Carey, the comedian/game show host. Of course, he’d have to get rid of those ‘windshield’ glasses he wears (*see below), and perhaps pick up a Just For Men hair colouring kit….’Dirty Blonde’ you think. While talking about Dougie, it appears that he has drawn the wrath of a lot of Ontarians (from all parties) at his last-minute cancellation….actually, it was one week before July One….of the annual Canada Day Celebration/Picnic at Queens Park. One wonders what he was thinking, or if he WAS thinking….because musicians, dancers, caterers and cetera all had/have contracts….and the most commonly used reason/excuse for Doug Ford pulling the plug on it is Doug Ford is tired of getting booed. Hey Premier, it says here that you can please/fool some of the people all of the tyme and you can please/fool all of the people some of the tyme, but your hair brain scheme to hand out free/gratis admission to any number of venues around the province is a real Dud….with a capital D. So….SO….it’s the Liberals to the rescue in hosting the Queens Park shindig….actually they have had a lot of ‘practice’ at flipping burgs, and grilling dogs. This is being written Sunday June 30th….and I can picture Kathleen and what is left of her totally decimated party on hand to continue on the July One Picnic tradition that began in 1967….knowing full well there surely will be some boo’s and heckling from some PC/NDP voters in the crowd, but they’re going ahead anyhow. Hey Dougie, why don’t you drop by for a ‘cameo appearance’….get some ‘windshield glasses’ and they’ll all think you’re Drew Carey!! (*see above)

Skyline Living
“From Nakina” is pleased to be first to announce that the kindly owners/landlords of the three properties (including 555 Harris Place) that sit on one large parcel of land (and a whole lot of other apartments around Brant’s Ford/Ontario) have captured the semi-prestigious ‘Worst Lawns On Terrace Hill….Commercial Properties Division….Spring/Summer 2019 Award’. Thumbs Down!! An independent poll taken with residents from all three buildings by Price Waterhouse. The poll was felt to be necessary after a Facebook*tm posting a week and a half ago by a ‘manager/staffer’ from Skyline (who has a first floor apartment over at 535) that spoke almost glowingly about ”the wonderful LUSH lawns we have to enjoy here”.*that was ‘loosely quoted’, but you get my drift. Hello!!?? Tell ya what, if it had some timothy in it, it MIGHT have looked like a lush hay field, much of it covered with windrows of dead grass….ever since the first cutting, which was about three weeks late. Anyway, that same Skyline lady, on getting some complaints on the lawn’s condition apparently told the complainer that ”the lawns are NOT Skyline Living’s problem” and that ”it was (is?) the fault of the contractor”. OK, OK, OK….now I/we have all made dumb statements from tyme to tyme….you know, the kind you’d like to have back? But the one about ‘the lawns/gardens contractor being responsible’….by a ‘person of position’, as Miz. Jo pointed out to me….is well beyond dumb. Also, if her superior(s) heard of such bull-s–t, she may not be a ‘person of position’ much longer. By the bye, Skyline Living has done absolutely nothing to show they’re gonna to relinquish their ‘semi-prestigious award’.

Happy Canada Day!!!
Our Landlord ordered us to take our banner on the Unit 303 balcony (bright red poppies and “WELCOME” written along the bottom) down two weeks ago. I agreed….been kicking my own ass (*don’t try it, you’ll hurt yourself!!) ever since. In contravention of Skyline Rule HP555…0003974. When Rotzy asked ”who complained”? The answer was ”can’t say”. Next tyme??? We’ll see. Anyway, they HAVE allowed Canadian flags, bunting, and cetera this week….and that is a good thing!!!

*Thought Of The Day….If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to see it, do the other trees make fun of it? (Steven Wright)

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