June 6 – I DIDN’T VOTE…let me explain why

‘Don’t Be Rude To Seniors’….
The first one is OUTSTANDING. Rotzy and me, both of us are planning to put these to use next opp we have to get back at anti-Seniors.

I LOVED/LOVE this one!! Check it out: *I know I shouldn’t have done this, but I’m almost 88, just sayin’. I was in the busy McDonalds drive-thru this morning and the young lady behind me leaned on her horn and started mouthing me because I was taking too long to order while I was fumbling with the coupons. So, when I got to the first window I paid for her order along with my own. The cashier must have told her what I’d done because as we moved up, she mouthed the words ‘thank you’, obviously embarrassed that I had repaid her rudeness with kindness. When I got to the second window, I showed them both receipts and took her food too. As I was pulling out she appeared rather ‘puzzled’ as to what had happened to her, then she had to re-join the 15-20 car lineup….at the very end. Hahaha. So it cost me a Big Mac*tm and a pop….Big Deal! it was worth it!! Don’t muck with the seniors!) ** note **….Rotzy is lovin’ it….and Rotzy IS gonna try it!!…can’t wait!!! I got it stored in my pumpkin and in fact, I’m already thinking of other ‘similar situations’ out there to use it and they’re a-plenty! Stay tuned.

Tyme To ‘Fess-Up….
Yours truly did something this week past that yours truly hasn’t done before. Or, to put it properly, DIDN’T do. Vote. I didn’t Vote….and as far as my memory will allow, it’s the very FIRST tyme since I came of voting age (the 1968 Fed Election…PET’s ‘Trudeaumania’ Victory, and no I didn’t vote for him) that I didn’t. Vote. At any/all levels….Fed/Prov//Municipal. And methinks that’s pretty safe to say as ‘my memory’ in the ‘long term’ is tickedy-boo, whilst the ‘short term’ leaves much to be desired. OK. So WHY? Or WHY NOT? Not sure. No, I don’t mean ‘not sure whom to vote for, I mean not sure why I didn’t. Vote. And I can just hear some of the “F/N” readership chiding me from the “F/N” ‘backbenches, ”the “F/N”, olde SOB has been yapping at us for years to ”Vote as you like, but Vote”! (*that is likely true*) and then HE ‘pulls a Bill Bailey’ and goes AWOL! So….SO….I got to thinking and said (to myself) “Well Toad, it’s certainly not that ‘you don’t care’….tho I can’t speak for rest of a record-setting 53% of eligible voters becoming No Shows last Thurs, but surely SOME of them don’t care, whereas Rotzy simply didn’t care to mark my ‘X’ beside ANY of the names on the ballot. NONE of them. Get rid of Ford?? Cool. But wait….are you kidding me??!! And replace him with whom/what? Ms.Horwath had already overstayed her tyme and she’s already left the building. Mr. Del Duca…who couldn’t even win his own riding….has left the building….the question remains, who let him in, in the first place??!! (*whilst Miz. Jo and Rotzy were in Nakina, the brand new ‘showcase of the north’ cable-stay bridge on #11 and #17 became The Nipigonewrong Bridge as it ‘broke in half’….and the s–t hit the fan. At the tyme Del Duca was Ms. Wynne’s Min of TRANSPORT. Minister Del Duca finally made it up to Nipigon where he was absolutely useless, whilst letting fellow Minister Michael Gravelle (Mines and N/Development) take the heat. A few years later they make Del Duca Liberal Party Leader! Say good night, Dick. As to ‘Mr.Green’….good guy/hard worker/polls say ‘he’d make the best Premier’ but in real life it takes more than ONE riding…and one or two is ALL the Green’s will EVER win! *ask Bruce Hyer, our former Green MP in Bytown. But back to Rotzy’s non-vote. I’m tired……tired of it all….the s–t they dumped all over each other (esp the last 30 days) was amazing. No….it was —-ing pathetic! The GOOD thing is that it (the actual voting process) was carried out all above board, hence there will no need to go through it all over again. Very soon Doug Ford will present the new budget….and THAT will be funn, eh?

Parking Lot Cleaning…Skyline Living Style
We all had gotten word in advance of the three day bi-yearly task….three pages of rules, tymes, ‘helpful hints’, even a map of the entire site! and cetera for residents of all three buildings and a VERY large area to be cleaned (*see below). Anyway it is/was spread over last Mon/Tues/Wed, and seeing that Edna The SUV occupies spot #58, that meant WE were on Team Monday! So…SO…you need to find an ‘alternative’ spot a day or so in advance….hang your Honda, V/W, KIA, Chev or whatever from a ‘skyhook’….or put it out front on Park Rd North. The cleaning (*see above) involves weed wackers all around curbs, then a couple guys with heavy-duty leaf/lawn blowers clearing and moving the debris….then a motorized vacuum/sweeper picks it all up like a Zamboni(*tm) at the rink. I gotta say, when all’s copacetic, they do a good job. I also gotta say that Team Mon response to moving our vehicles was exemplary….only ONE vehicle hadn’t been moved from its’ place. The judges decided to ignore it….basically because the owner is an a–hole and doesn’t count either. Anyway, Mon ‘cleaning’ done early, and the contractor decides to paint the lines and then there are people running everywhere!….and NOBODY knows yes from no, here from there, up from down or s–t from clay. However, they/we made it through Monday/Day 1. Team Tuesday vehicle removal was pathetic and yours truly saw 8 or 10 vehicles left sitting out front on the Dunsdon St side alone. Tsk, tsk, tsk people!! Not really sure where and/or when the wheels fell off, but Tuesday was ‘done’…and Wed cancelled…. however it’s not really clear how many people were advised of the ‘change’. Hard to tell if Skyline is snakebit when it comes to landscaping/lawns/snow removal woes….OR….are they nickle-and-diming again/still?!

In The Rotzes Gardening Dept..it’s tyme to ‘hurry up and wait’….both plots are planted/seeded….onions, cukes and squash are all ‘showing’ over at Hope C/R Garden, cabbage doing fine….including four new Red I put in last week as ‘fill-ins’….here at 555 all cabbages are good and I’m waiting for all the seeds to show. And all’s well out on the #303 verandah/balcony and Miz. Jo’s H-2-0 lighted growing machine. Seeing signs of waste already over at Hope…..9 or 10 people who said ‘yes’ for 2022 haven’t touched (or likely even seen) their plots since the ground was ‘worked’ two weeks back and now they’re green as grass/chock full of weeds.

*Thought Of The Day…Jack and Jill went up the hill to……….(please fill in your own word(s).

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