June 7 – COVID, CARP and Indian Residential Schools

Getting tired of COVID news? Rotzy’s beginning to suffer COVID fatigue too but stick around . The news will bring you even more morbid or horrendous stuff. Read on…


Zoomer Radio 740 AM….

….features Libby Znaimer, the station owner’s sister, hosting her fone-in show right after the noon news daily with one or two topics on the agenda. When she keeps C.A.R.P. out of it, it can be a pretty decent/interesting listen. COVID of course is a main topic since forever and the Indian Residential Schools situation, now a Canada-wide issue, is getting a lot of calls. Anyway, Fridays are called “Free-For-All-Fridays” and callers can (and often do) go on and on and on, and then on some more (*see below) about anything.

Well, last week’s FFAF, it seemed they ALL wanted to rant about COVID, in particular the vaccine, tho I should say the vaccineS. Well, they were ALL oldsters, hence they were VERY repetitive, and the ‘entire system’ has either failed and/or ignored them completely. Whine, whine, and more whines….to the point it actually made Rotzy somewhat embarrassed….because I am an ‘oldster’ too. However, the ‘worst whiner of the day’ was a guy who’s only 66 years old! Hell, he’d only been a ‘senior’ for a year, if that, eh? Yours truly can’t remember his name, so I’ll call him ‘Dick’….with a double entendre, if you get my drift? Well, the Dickmeister went on and on (*see above) about vaccines, the choices, after effects, side effects, special effects who gets affected, how and when….really harping to Libby as to how in hell some guy who is some 20 years his junior gets his SECOND shot 6 weeks before The Dick is booked for his. As if Libby could/would/should know!? S–t. At that point I’m betting my blood pressure ‘Zoomered’ from 84 over 43 the day prior to Mach 7 and as I turned Norm The Truck into the parking lot at #555 Harris Place, I’m yelling at Libby ”Please hit your switch/cut this fellow off”!! Or something like that. Later that day somebody asked me if we were wanting to get our #2 shots early. I mentioned the Dick (*see below), then said we got our #1 in Paris at The Fair….second shots booked for July 7th at 1Market St. Miz. Jo has the tyme marked down. THAT is when we’ll get them, OK?

The Following Item….
….was derived from a ‘chart’ that was come upon by the “F/N” Investigative Historical/Health Unit in our quest to better understand coronavirus, from its’ beginnings in China, to it’s amazing spreading, and finally to the vaccine, from its discovery to its worldwide dispensing. (Of course, the tyme-frame for the eventual ‘dispensing’ is still a BIG concern for The Dick (*see above) AND many others just like him! So….SO….think of the following as a chart that lists the most lethal diseases known to man/womankind….then it reveals the tyme it took from when the first case was recorded until they/we came up with a vaccine (cure) for each of them:

  • *Smallpox….3,296 years;
  • *Polio….3,348 yrs;
  • *Colera….2,345 yrs;
  • *Measels….1,471 yrs;
  • *Rubella….352 yrs;
  • *HV/AIDS….15 yrs;
  • *Ebola….5 yrs;
  • *COVID-19….’Human trials in FOUR MONTHS.

It says here….still….”that is nothing short of amazing!! Somewhat of a medical/science miracle”….but rather than celebrate/be grateful for our situation there’s a bunch of people who aren’t happy with the way it is. Hey!….they aren’t gonna be happy, no matter. Imagine. Tell ya what….one day everybody will take our masques off….for the last tyme. And Rotzy’s gonna be one happy oldster!!

Lawn Report….Week Ending June 5th
Well, Skyline Living*tm couldn’t handle the good news from last week….or perhaps it went directly to their pumpkin?! No need for the latter as Rotzy said it wasn’t THAT great a job. Well folks, they’re ‘back on the hind teat/tit’ as saying goes….most of it looks OK…..I guess….but they missed the entire 6 ft wide stretch along the east wall, where many olde folks sit to read/visit/chat, not to mention Dorothy Park, a favourite area for those who enjoy a cigarette….and that translates to only ONE cutting and we’re almost into the second week of June. Yours truly has let the appropriate person(s) know, but I wonder if they have let the lawn people know that the sprinkler people were here last week and they are now operational? You think? Stay tuned. There’s some ‘other s–t’ going on around here within the managment team/group, but ‘mum’s the word’ on that ‘situation’….and we all know what ‘loose lips’ do….don’t you?? Miz. Jo and yours truly DO know one thing for sure! We moved into #555 almost three years ago and there were four ‘live-in Managers’….two couples. Now there are none. For a year or more. Did I tell you that before? Sorry if that’s a ‘yes’….I’m olde and I forget stuff….but I was just sayin’, ya know?

It’s Sunday 7:00AM….
    and as I do a re-read on what I wrote yesterday, I see 2 of 3 items are ‘coronavirus-based’, so I said (to myself) “Hey Toad….c’mon man….I know COVID is just about the ONLY thing people know these days….but how about you get your s–t together and ‘perk things up a bit’….know what I’m saying?” ”Perk things up”? ”Yeah”! “Well, truth be told, I’m REALLY tired of COVID….so….let’s just cut loose, OK”? *I saw a story from GoogleWorld noting that today marks the 77th Anniversary of the D-Day Landing at Normandy in France, THE major turning point for the Allies in WW II, and leaving Germany at 0 for 2 in World Wars competition ….so if you’re into celebrations big tyme, kick a Nazi in the face….or in the crotch if you’re so inclined. *”Are you sure you read it right, Toad”? “Yes, yes, yes…I re-checked the ad in Thursday’s Expositor three tymes, and THAT is what it said….”Clark Kent Real Estate Team”….might have been part of the ReMax group, but no matter….Rotzy’s thinking just how COOL it’d be buying a house from Clark Kent! When you arrive at the office you immediately note the fone booth out front (.05 cents a call!), and on entering you see the secretary’s name plate on her desk….Lois Lane….who points you toward Mr Kent’s office, and you pass a wannabe reporter named Jimmy, hammering away on an olde Underwood*tm, who then introduces you to Clark, sporting an ugly pair of horn-rimmed glasses and he apologizes for almost breaking your hand when he shook it. You tell him you wanna see the rural split level, he says ‘sorry…..gimme a couple seconds’ as he runs to the fone booth, and he’s back, cape and all in less than 10! Then he lifts you up and flies out to see the property, which of course you buy. Anyway, Rotzy’s gonna check this guy out next week, tho Miz. Jo and I have zero intention of moving anywhere, anytyme.

*The stories coming out of the Indian Residential Schools are horrendous. And they will surely get worse with the lack of response from the Catholic Church and a ‘non-verbal’ Pope (at this point) However, Rotzy’s wondering, and I’m sure there are many like me, who wonder….with the thousands and thousands of students who attended Indian Residential Schools, did ANY of them achieve a ‘proper’ education and upbringing (meaning PROPER in ALL ways)??? I don’t recall seeing/hearing from nary a one of them. I wonder why not? Miz. Jo served on a Board when we were in Nakina and a fellow member’s wife had ‘left a bad family situation’ to be schooled and raised in one, where ” (I) learned to read and write”. Also, I had read about Fred Saskamoose(sp) who was the first Native Indian to play in the NHL on the Chicago Black Hawks. Any other readers wondering?

*Thought Of The Day…We have enough youth, thank you. Now, how about a Fountain Of Smart?

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