From NAKINA...: June 9

 Summertime, and the northerners are still waiting for it to arrive. But Rotzy’s far from complaining…much.

I Stand Corrected

Sort of. I filed a “F/N” report in last week’s column on the Nipigonewrong Memorial Bridge being closed down….again….seems it was a Friday nite between 8:00 and 9:00PM, lasting for an hour or two. I’d heard the bridge ‘failed’….similar to Failure #1 back in 2015….tho I believe it was at the opposite side of the structure, and I think the bridge ‘dropped’ rather than ‘raised’, but it matters not, does it? They had to close the bridge, shutting down the Trans Canada Hwy….again. Anyway, a couple days after the fact, after my column had been sent to the Times-Star, and after serious complaints were being raised on TBTV (even from Mayor Richard of Harveyville) the Minister of Transportation comes forward to tell one and all it was NOT a ‘failure’….it was (loosely quoted) ‘ongoing repair work’. Or something like that. OK, fine. But maybe they woulda/coulda/shoulda let people know….in advance?! So….SO….the “F/N” Investigatory Dept got into it a little further, and after a couple discussions, here are our findings….The Nip Bridge’s nuts don’t like it cold and they don’t like like it hot. Needless to say, Miz. Jo and Rotzy’s ‘Nipigonewrong Bridge boycott’ will continue until I/we decide to end it.

                    Another Closure….

….is almost upon us up here at the end of Hwy #584. The CNR ‘crossing from hell’, just a stone’s throw from “F/N”HQ, is getting repaired!! I had most recently written about it a week or three ago, and lo and behold….certainly not because of the “F/N” column….some big equipment and crews rolled in last week to unload materials and prepare for the task at hand. The major difference to this job and the Nip Bridge is that there IS advance warning being given out freely to the motoring public. Here’s what we have: the crossing will be CLOSED Sunday June 10th at 8:00PM thru Monday June 11th 10:00AM. Detour signs will be posted and only Emergency vehicles will be allowed to go through if/when necessary. The ‘replacement unit’….two 50 ft (approx) lengths of track affixed to large concrete ties….appears to have already been assembled and is sitting on the south side of the tracks. I’m guessing that a LARGE crew will disassemble the existing track site and a LARGE crane will arrive by rail or road to set the new unit into place. A big undertaking for sure. Yours truly is certainly looking forward to trying out the ‘new crossing’! Isn’t everybody? We’ll let you know….stay tuned.

                   She Said WHAT???!!!

This is being written Sunday June 3rd at 9:00AM….just about 24 hours after Kathleen Wynne dropped ‘the bombshell of all bombshells’. Reactions from politicians (her team and her opponents) and anybody in Ontario who is/was planning to vote on Thursday are all over the place on her remarks! A tonne of questions being asked….very few (at least at this point) being answered. Here’s a few. Why? As in why has she decided she can’t win the Premiers seat? Why did she drop the bomb SIX days before the vote? Why can’t she win her own riding? Why is she pumping for votes for all other Liberal MPP’s, but not herself? Is she ‘taking one for the team’? Or has she ‘quit on the team’? I did some checking into this totally bizarre tactic….if you want to call it a ‘tactic’….and NOTHING like this has ever happened before….provincially or federally. Here’s one that a reader came up with….’she’s trying reverse psychology’! ‘Say what’?, I asked. ‘And sympathy’ he added. ‘You know, pulling the ‘oh, woe is me/I can’t win this thing’ routine, hoping against hope you’ll take pity’. ‘Are you kidding’? I asked. Or something like that. ‘You wanna know what is a ‘pity’? Her record since she took over from Dalton McG’. Something wrong here…and Ms. Wynne is gonna drop another bombshell….she’s terrified of a ‘majority’ gov’t….at least one that SHE isn’t leading. Well, Miz. Jo and I had already said we’d not voting for her nor Dougie Ford, hence this could be an interesting week. (*see below)

            And The Winner Is….

I refer to Debate #2 for the three party leaders two weeks back. The ‘experts’ again said ‘no clear winner’, but some ‘experts’ said Andrea Horwath was rude, ignorant and constantly butting in, especially to/with/on Doug Ford’. Rotzy liked THAT one…how ANYBODY could be more rude and/or ignorant than Dougie Ford is beyond me!! Regardless, Debate #2 is basically moot after Ms. Wynne’s speech Saturday. Or is it? (*see above) If you get this in tyme, be sure to get out and exercise your democratic responsiblity! VOTE!!

                ”We Need The Rain”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! It came from the TBTV weather guy last Sat at 6:00…the kinda guy who wears a bow tie, a too-small sports jacket, and usually does the weather Thurs and w/ends. Who needs the rain?? Surely not Nakina/Greenstone, and not likely T Bay either, as they are oft judged the flood capital of N/W Ont. What we need is DRY….so I can get my damned garden planted and growing. The only thing ‘flourishing’ here are the ‘yellow lawn flowers’.

*Thought Of The Day…Old age….you still ‘have something on the ball’, but you’re just too tired to bounce it.

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