Kathleen Gauer: Another childrens’ book author awarded

Canadian authors have the touch when it comes to writing books for kids. Kathleen Gauer has received a Canada Books Award for her book, The Wish Carvers. It is positively gratifying to see writers being recognized for their creativity, energy and work to produce works that will engage others.

We are very appreciative of Kathleen’s work and effort in contributing to the Canadian library of childrens’ books.

Bravo and congratulations!

Canada Book Award WINNER

The Wish Carvers
Author: Kathleen Gauer
Publisher: Skipping Stone Press

When two sibling elves, Fay and Eddie, come across an old carving knife with the words, “what’s carved with me will come to be” on the handle, they decide to carve and paint a pot of gold, a large stone cottage, and finally a fairy tale castle. But with each wish granted comes more and more complications. Can they find a way to return to their peaceful life?

A fun read that takes young readers on a wonderful trek of curiosity and surprise.


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