Mar 28 –

There’s no vacillation about mask-wearing in the Rotzy camp…not like in the Ford camp where vacillation is the order of the day, every day.

I Felt Kinda Odd….(*see below)
….when I walked into the neighbourhood Ciircle ‘K’ last Mon ayem to pick up Miz. Jo’s scratch & win ‘Bingo’ ticket and Rotzy’s ‘Grand A Day’ ducat….MASQUE-LESS!! Yessirreee Bub! .And Nosirreee, Bub, I had NOT forgotten to put the damned thing on!…because you see, about TWO years back I was told by our gov’t to wear a masque….and I did. Then last Monday I was told by the same gov’t that (aside from hospitals and a couple exceptions) I do NOT have to wear a masque….if I choose NOT to. Well, I ‘mulled that one over’ in my pumpkin for .08 to 1.3 seconds and off it came! For good. I hope. Like I said (*see above) it felt rather odd/different entering a business ‘un-masked’….like there’s some item of clothing missing? And of course, the feeling was even more pronounced when I got to Zehr’s Market, with eight check outs (half of them were open) and dozens of shoppers milling about. I’m guessing that 75% of the customers were/are still masque-ed, including ALL seniors (except Rotzy and some little olde guy wearing a heavy Maple Leaf winter coat) plus a surprising number of young people (20-something to 35) and there’s nothing wrong with that! I asked the olde Leaf fan if anybody had given him some static for ‘going masque-less’….he grinned and said ”nope…..well, not yet”. Then, as yours truly was about to say ”have a nice day, and good luck to your Leafs” a well-dressed couple (about 80?) stopped dead in their tracks about 3 metres from us and just glared!! As if….A/ We both had s–t on our noses! or B/ We were planning to blow the place up! Whatever. Hey, a LOT of folks will wear a masgue/face covering until they take their last breath….not Jo Ann and Rotzy. By the bye,,it says here that the reason for this ‘early decision’ for face masque removal in Ontario came about by a ‘following of the rules’….1/ two years of masques 2/ distancing 3/ hand washing 4/ vaccinations and 5/ booster shots… everyday/concerned Ontarians! It had ‘virtually’ dick-all to do with a group of protesting/rioting (truthfully, quite embarrassing’) horn honking, fear mongering law breakers. The best part of ‘Masque-less Monday’ for Rotzy was/is no more looking for ‘lost masques’ daily….and no more buying ‘KN-95 paper replacements’ when they ‘really are lost’. I had/still have ’95’s’ stashed everywhere as ‘spares’. Stay safe/stay well.

Back To VON
Miz. Jo….aka Nurse Jo….(R/N TGH Class of ’62)…..has been looking after/treating the ‘venus ulcers’ on yours truly’s lower legs since I ‘graduated/healed’ at VON the last tyme, a couple months back ….doing a FINE job, she was, to the point Rotzy has been able to wear the new fancy-dan ‘compression socks’ she got for me from VIA/SOX*tm via Amazon*tm ….this ‘leg apparel’ being a rather crucial part of me ‘avoiding the bus’ and/or ‘staying on the right side of the lawn’ for as long as possible….or, so I’m told. That….’compression’…. AND ‘elevating’ my legs being equally important. Anyway, all is/was well until early last week, when 7 or 8 new ulcers popped out on my left leg….a REAL ugly mess, they were….so I drove down to VON on Grey St to get the name of the zinc-based product I needed for Nurse Jo to use….but…..long story short, one of the nurses spotted Rotzy, hence I’m back in their system with an 8:20AM appointment for Wed AM. So….SO….this is the third tyme I’ve been ‘healed’ and then ‘re-instated’ by the ‘Victorians’….but at least the lawn’s still green, with me ON it, rather than under it. And there’s no Greyhound Bus in sight.

Skyline Living….Ch….Ch….Ch…Ch….Changes
Well, I suppose that as well as a lot of mumbles and grumbles here at The Skyline Compound (#335.#555 and #575) about ‘who’s so damned foolish enough to go masque-less these days’, who WON at Tuesday Nite Bingo?!….her AGAIN!?…. two weeks in a row!! Well, they’ll say what they want regarding the former and the latter, BUT the Harris Place Grapevine was busy last week! Hell….it was SMOKING! Word has it our ‘Live-In Managers….Bridget and John (not their real names) are leaving. Fairly shortly, methinks. (*actually, they live in #335……#575 and #555 (us) don’t have ‘live-in managers’….and they look after all three. The ‘vine’ also said J and B will be ‘going to a nearby Skyline facility but will remain handy to lend a hand here when needed’. Hello? Goodness me! Another little twig and leaf from ‘the vine’ indicates our kindly keepers may be running an ad in The Expositor for a handy man here, who will fix stuff and also look after dog poop dumping detail and some salting (as required)….since the current one has ‘left the building’. Unfortunately (for us tenants) that’s the way it goes, and that line of work is a very transient/ever-changing work force, always looking for more money, something bigger/better/more challenging, or perhaps in the opposite direction/smaller and easier, Seems we just get used/adapt to a particular couple and ‘their ways’ and they’re gone. Here at #555 Harris Place methinks we’ve been without ‘live-in mgr’s since Steve and Lisa and Jim and Pat (not their real names) did opposite shifts here almost three years ago, giving us 24-7 ‘coverage’, (*anyway*…thanks to David Bowie and Marvin Gaye. for inspiring this piece)

Readers Write
A couple items from a northern gent landed in the “F/N”HQ Inbox last week….check ’em out. *Seeing how some people wear their masks these days, I understand how contraceptives fail! Then he voiced this quite legitimate concern for himself (and other canine owners. **As the world strains to become ‘plastic-bag-free’, what am I going to use to pick up my dog’s s–t off the lawn?! ***A reasonably good turnout for the Brantford Guy Group last Fri at the Navy Club, altho COVID did have some effect on the numbers….one high council member ‘completely recovered’… ‘Positive Case recovering nicely at home….and one at home ‘trying to avoid his wife’ who tested Positive early last week. Over, with 70-some members now, the BGG can feel quite good about their/our efforts. From what I gather/heard the handful of ‘long term/serious sun worshippers’ at or near the Equator are going to return to Brant’s Ford eventually. And by the bye, we welcomed a new member, however the ‘President’ title normally/almost automatically affixed to ‘newbies’ was not applied in this case. Rotzy didn’t hear why….but I did hear the word ‘loyalty’ mentioned.

*Thought Of The Day….I thought Chris Rock was/is a really funny guy….but such is not the case for Will Smith, who nailed the funny man with a ‘Sugar Ray Leonard-like’ roundhouse right, centre stage during The Oscars Sunday night. Mega-star Smith showed one and all that ‘chivalry is not dead’….not even in Hollywood!

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