PROGRESS LOG: Mar 8-10, Days 46-48 A million Latinos !

The perrito and his padrone dance with the chiquittas at Calle Ochos in Miami !

It’s really difficult keeping up with the PROGRESS LOG while doing so many other things…but the bare minimum is done each day: tracking the water, walking each morning and being away of the calorie intake.

The wall for me is still the alcohol. The afternoon scotch is more than a ritual, it is a must. The cognac in the evening, another must. And a glass of wine at dinner, civilized and the proper way to dine.

But add any other spiritual intake anywhere in the day and it’s empty calories on top of other empty calories…a no win situation.

How to beat it
Excuse me, who wants to beat it…though in all seriousness, to overcome those calories, one would need to add much more activity. I already average 9-10 K a day minimum. A few days I almost hit 14K…that’s a lot and in the heat and humidity, it may even be dangerous for me.

To conclude, I am pleased. For the most part I have stuck with the right things almost daily with very few lapses. The water, walking and low calorie intake have been made me proud.

Clothers feel looser, but I still have not seen a scale. To be frank, I dont care about the scale. I just have to consolidate the routine which is on to days

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