Trump hates Florida…Latinos everywhere

Trump must have a love-hate relationship with Florida. There are over 4 million Latinos living in Florida and probably many of them work at Mar-a-Lago.


Miami has an annual Latino festival in early March, the biggest Latino festival in the world, Latino being expats from Cuba, Central America and likely many parts of Spanish speaking South America. Over a million people dance, jiggle, salsa and wiggle their way around the open streetway of Calle Ocho.

Trump must hate it in Florida. He likely isn’t exposed to Latinos talking, shouting, singing and yelling joyously at one another. He’s missing a lot. The Latinos working on his estate are undoubtedly sworn to secrecy, literally. He doesn’t want to hear Spanish, not because he understands it, but because it reminds him that many Latinos got into the USA before he began his campaign against them.

In any case, Calle Ocho might as well be Mars in relation to Trump. But for the rest of us plebians with feet on the ground enjoying reality rather than fakery, Miami 8th St on March 9-10 is the place to be, celebrating, drinking, eating, dancing, laughing and enjoying la Vida Loca with the Latinos of Florida.

It ain’t margaritaville, it’s Havana, USA
And was it hot…


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