# 11 – Memory Jogger/Logger

A LOG Book to JOG your MEMORY

It’s a LOG Book which will help you keep track of how you dealt with problems, issues, repairs and difficulties you have had with your home, auto, etc.

This is a great tool which will help work your memory to boot.

A Memory JOGGER LOG Binder
[research basis: BMJ – British Medical Journal ]

Ever go to another room and forget why you went there? It’s a normal memory lapse. Many people are troubled by memory recall. Older adults often worry it is symptomatic of early onset Alzheimer’s or the beginning of dementia. No. Those are simply memory problems that plague every age group, some more than others, only because some individuals do more things than others. Hence, their memory is more heavily burdened.

Memory recalls as described above are not serious issues for the majority of people. Occasional memory lapses are common. However, when an individual is overloaded with things to remember, strives harder to recall something, the added stress may compound the problem and thus push the memories further away.

Remember that account problem four months ago?
Remember four months ago when you had to call your phone company? Remember the details? Who did you speak with? What payment method did you use? How much was the fee? What was the discount? Months later most people would find answering those questions next to impossible. There is a way to jog/log things so they become less of a memory issue and more of a bookkeeping one.

What can be done about memory challenges
If you fear you are having memory issues, importantly, ones associated with repairs, household accounts, computer matters, medical concerns which may need revisiting again at some future time, then consider implementing a new method of logging the details to help your memory.

The simple solution: a memory log/jog book
You need to keep a “memory log/jog book.” Here is what you do:

  1. Get a 3 ring binder;
  2. Insert blank pages into the binder;
  3. For every issue, problem, repair log a new page; record the essential as follows:

One issue per page
Every topic you deal with gets a page with the essential information #4 and #5.

Periodically, revisit these pages to refresh your memory about the problem or issue. To indicate the matter has ended, or you have closed the account, or you changed companies, or whatever has concluded it, draw a slanted line through the entire page to indicate that that matter is finished.

Months from now, you will be amazed at how much you will be able to recall, issues you would normally have forgotten. With the Log/Jog Book, you will surprise yourself at how much you remember and how effectively you are dealing with the issues that come back into your life.

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