FORD: Next stop “24 Sussex Drive”

He won an election without a platform! He pulled a Trump in winning the premiership. Now he dreams of greater things. The Prime Minister office might just be in his nocturnal whimseys.

Might a Ford announcement about running for the office of Prime Minister imminent?

We are hoping that soon we can interview Doug Ford about this lofty goal. Watch for it.

But first, he has to do a “Mike Harris” to Ontario.
Believe it, Ford is changing the face of Ontario making the province less inviting, less friendly to business, less open to scrutiny about political policies. The province will become a tougher place in which to live.

His destructive ways
Sex education: Ford equivocated on the provincial sex education curriculum juggling the final decision as if it were a bunch of political juggling balls. The final outcome? Reverting to a curriculum which is outdated and out of sync with society today.

Energy policy regression: Ford has openly opposed any ‘green’ policy as promoted by Ottawa. Corporate profit trumps protection of the environment. Cap and trade gets the boot along with any other environmentally protective programs, regardless if contracts have been signed by previous provincial governments. Dollars first folks.

Democracy be damned: Toronto city council halved. This has to be Ford’s vindictive offensive and spiteful revenge on Toronto city council for not paying as much deference to the Ford brothers as he thinks it should have. As abhorrent as that direction may look, this diminishing of free local government may fade in light of a possible misogynistic governing style. Ford has a number of women in cabinet positions,  Elliot (Deputy Premier), Mulroney (Att. Gen.), MacLeod (Comm & Social Services), Thompson (Educ.), Scott (Labour) and more. Very commendable, but heaven forbid if they stray from the party line in conducting portfolio business even when they may find policies personally insupportable.

Cannabis chaos: There seems to be a rush to launch the cannabis program initiated by Ottawa. Again, perhaps profit has reared its ugly head. The infrastructure is not in place, nor is there a clear definition of what that infrastructure ought to be. Is enough being done before launch? Is proper planning and procedures relating to cannabis sale in place? We will see, soon.

Poorest Ontarians abandoned again: the poorest citizens of the province have been shortchanged by cutbacks to needed financial assistance, once promised, now abandoned. Reliance for help is not a government issue in this government’s eyes. Not to leave well enough alone, the Ford government has also scrapped its involvement in the Ontario basic income pilot project. where 4,000 low-income residents were promised from $14,000 to $24,000 annually as a basic income. It was a pilot project to determine if recipients would improve their housing, health and education if they were guaranteed a basic income. Advocates of the plan have turned to Ottawa to salvage the project and are still waiting for a response.

Constitutional challenge of carbon pricing policy: Ottawa be damned. Ontario is going its own way when it comes to protection of the environment. Rod Phillips’s peacock strut shows how far this province will go to make a buck for its corporate allies.

Mimicking Trump
Just remember, Ford campaigned with absolutely no political platform whatsoever. Incredible as that sounds, it is not fake news but reality. He promised to reveal his platform specifics repeatedly but never did. This leader is mimicking the Trump style, say bombastic, outlandish things and ignore the loud reactions and responses. Trump says increasing extraordinary announcements and initiatives and only suffers verbal rebuttal. His attack on free press has become increasingly blatant. Witness the mob verbal onslaught against CNN’s Jim Acosta in Florida recently. Ford is mirroring this behaviour here in Ontario. Journalists have had mics pushed aside when trying to get a response from Ford.

The populace is not in trouble if it stands up to such bullying tactics. Defending the free press does not mean universal agreement with their reporting but we must defend that they can continue to analyze, examine and dissect the news. Politicians should never be given carte blanche in whatever they do. Instead, examine and dissect their actions to discern their agendas. Learn what those agendas may be an act accordingly. After all, your are acting in your own best interest.


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