FORD: Donald Trump trumped by Doug Ford

The student outdoes the teacher. Donald Trump should look to this student to learn lessons in the control and management of opposition groups.

Doug Ford out-trumps the master himself.

If the news is not favourable, change it. Better still, become the broadcaster…and broadcast exactly what you want.

Now here’s the ticket, news ticket that is.

Donald Trump complains about the unfair and contrary news reporting which he gets. As he claims it is unjustifiably critical, unnecessarily negative, endlessly non-supportive and all-to-often outrightly false. Well, he should look to Doug Ford who has found an excellent way to make the news sound heavenly, supportive and complimentary. Report it yourself.

Yup, Doug Ford created his own news network. A cutesy blonde Barbi, Lyndsey Vanstone, is the prime ‘journalist’ who reports the news about Ford and his cohort. She was one of the actors who was hired to clap and demonstrate at a rally for Ford in custom-made t-shirts provided by the Ford campaign team.

Watch these social network broadcasts only if excessive sugar is not risky to your health. Ford is praised, sliced, buttered and slathered with so much sugary, one risks sugar overdosing watching it.

The link for watching these broadcasts can be found at FORD NEWS but you do so at your own risk.

The news reports blatantly compliment the great work done by the Ford team. Election promises are unabashedly checked off as completed. Ford repeatedly reminds viewers that “I did it” as if he actually was the “great accomplisher of Queen’s Park,” doing everything for his people.

This news manipulation strategy is amazing for its gall and audacity. The brazenness of the man is beyond description but more importantly, he opens the door to a very dangerous Pandora’s box to media control and management. The broadcasts look professional. Vanstone reports in a credible manner. I believe! Ford is my saviour! Where will you take me next oh wondrous leader?

Read TorStar opinion writer Heather Mallick’s outstanding column of “praise and acclaim” of this latest Ford creation at Mallick.

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