Nov 26, 2020

The agenda for the 11-26-20 meeting was modified from the original as proposed below:

    Howard Pell has suggested we do a tech development feature each meeting to help writers with their tech skills. However, Howard may be postponing this presentation to the new year as he feels other items deserve higher priority for our association at this time. [ May be postponed to next meeting ]

    Sheila Tucker has messaged a list of other writer groups (Richard’s added comments)  as a consideration in relation to our own group:


Writers’ Union of Canada
An extensive directory of members; a number of our group are members

Canadian Authors Association (CAA)
Very lofty support aims; expansive description page; many active officers, staff, executives; est. 1921;

Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP)
Est 1977 by Port Colborne library, 11 original members who wanted to share their expertise, $45/85 fees to join as a friend/full member;

Crime Writers of Canada
The mandate to promote; offer links to other writer groups; very extensive staff; practical members chart with links to authors

InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship
Purpose to stimulate, support and encourage; professional blog, very informative; catalogue tho not linked; in-house press; email links to executives (all women); exclusive to Christian writers?

The Word Guild (Christian Canadian writers and editors)
Est 2002 by two writers; mission to promote Judeo-Christian worldview; writers, editors, mentors for hire; password rqd to enter exclusive areas

Commonwealth Writers
Seem to be an affiliate of the broader organization (Commonwealth Foundation); simple website, no-frills, utilitarian; not much there really.

League of Canadian Poets
Phone number; mission to develop the art of poetry, etc etc…blah blah

World Poetry
Some of our people belong; dedicate to long and prose poetry; Atwood; “How-to series: Publicity & promotion, Self-publishing, income tax, incorporation, legacy and estate planning.

None of the associations look like they offer any kind of tech help, something that may benefit many writers depending on their level of tech skill. This definitely should be a feature we offer and with which we deal.

A website presence seems to be essential, though its elaborateness is debatable.

A team of devoted staff seems to be essential if the goals of the association are to be fulfilled: webmaster, treasurer, coordinator, communications, membership officer

All the associations offer support, encouragement, and some promise of promotion. Besides offering ‘promotion,’ some also offer publishing information.


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