Nov 29 – Rotzy opens offensive on many fronts

Rotzy has a gnat problem, so it’s off to war !

World War III….
….is officially underway, with Miz. Jo having launched a ‘major offensive’ here in Unit #303 early last week against The Gnats From Hell…..which yours truly pronounces ”guh-NATS”….because when you say NATS, the ‘G’ being silent, people stare at you like one of your oars is outta the water. I found that ‘NATS’ ‘doesn’t even register’ with 4 out of 5 people….and believe me, I know!….whilst everybody picks up on ‘guh-NATS’, and even people with decent IQ’s disregard the intentional mispronunciation. Anyway, the gnats ‘sprang to life’ when we moved 3 or 4 potted plants inside from the balcony….as Miz. Jo was to learn, gnat larvae and all! S–t. How were we to know!? Then, after a Google*tm session she soaked them with a water/peroxide solution….which turned out NOT to be the ‘solution’ to/for our particular problem. Rotzy was dispatched to get some ‘gnat sticks’…and after two days of searching high and low, I got them at Watsons out on Hwy 5….officially declaring War early last week. To best describe these ‘sticks’…they’re plastic strips, which one has to open up, and are very tricky/sticky….similar to those olde fly strips we used to tack to the ceiling, tho Miz Jo sets these right in the pot. And she counts the ‘casualties’ every morning….safe to say, methinks, the total count is well over 300 at this conjecture! Hence Miz. Jo gave them another nice drink of the water/peroxide mixture…and dont’cha know sooner than later ‘sweet victory will be ours’!!

EMS Parameds Were Here….
….at Skyline last week offering ‘free flu shots’… 535, 575, then to us here in #555 on Thursday….so I’d called for an appointment, got one for 8:45….and I was back from my Rez Run for petrol and down to the Algonquin Room in plenty tyme to hand them my Health Card and roll up the sleeve. All went well….of course!….tho I didn’t get a Tootsie Roll Pop for ‘not crying’! S..t. Speaking of needles and such, it’s been said/written on this page about the carryings-on of various COVID-anti-vaccers groups, their ‘borderline moronic’, pitiful/pathetic reasons, rights and cetera NOT to be ‘needled’. Well, Rotzy came up with the following item from last week’s Los Angeles Times whilst pulling up Miz. Jo’s crossword puzzle….it goes WAY beyond ‘borderline moronic’, OK? **WARNING** you MAY find this piece upsetting!….on the other hand, if you agree with the guy’s actions, you MAY need help! So…SO….all members of the L/A Fire Department (and no doubt most/all other firefighters in America) have been ‘mandated’ (the ‘m’ word) to receive two vaccine shots….L/A firefighters were each handed their letter of notification by the L/AFD. One ‘cheeky’ member apparently disagreed with the mandate, dropped his drawers right on the spot, and wiped the crack of his ass (behind if you wish) with it. The letter that is. Then dropped it to the floor….’dirty’ side up (*I’m not making this s–t up)….THIS is how far some anti-vaccers will go. But they/we DO have our rights….right? I know not if he’s still employed by the L/A FD? Sorry….’nuff said.

BGG Goings-On
a fine/well attended gathering for the Brantford Guy Group last Friday at The Navy Club….where, it has been said in last week’s minutes, we might ‘dry dock’ for the rest of the winter. They certainly do look after us, even opening an hour earlier than usual to accommodate the BGG. Meanwhile, most of the membership….which “F/N” is told now numbers 42(!)….has Rotzy convinced just about ALL of them/us carry  the ‘Presidential’ title….altho it does make for some difficulty when you want to raise a point/speak directly to one at a given tyme. I’m also thinking yours truly is still the club’s ‘most senior member. Anyway, we’re managing fine, but when it comes to ‘issues’, for some reason we’re definitely hung up when it comes to Johnny Stickshift’s real name…which, after three meetings, still hasn’t been found out. Well, an ‘expert’ has been named and will be brought to next Friday’s meeting to ‘put a proper name’ to The Sticker, then probably join the Club…another (round buying) President to be sure! *The COVID booster shot….the 3rd….was brought up in conversation in the early going Friday afternoon….when there were maybe ten members present….and it became VERY clear to Rotzy that in all likelihood there are few….if ANY….COVID Anti-Vaccers in our group….and if there are any, they’re keeping it to themselves. I’m sure it’s the former, because the olde guy got a few ‘looks’ when I said Miz. Jo and I hadn’t/haven’t had our #3 yet….however, I quickly ‘splained ‘our 158 days aren’t up yet’, but not to worry….we’ll get them. Why? Because we have the RIGHT to the booster shots! (*see below)

Readers Write
    This one is in response to last week’s TOTD….(Thought Of The Day). At least, it starts out that way. Check it out: *Of course ‘the first sheet of toilet paper on the roll is always glued down’. It has to be… the machine that sets them in rows and columns tightly. So they do not roll away. Only to be wrapped by another machine in various sizes packaging. Still another machine with robotic arms carefully staggers the bundles on a skid for shrink wrapping….by another machine. With precision. Scary. **Also….to be added to the “From Nakina” item last week, listing the ‘things that will disappear during our lifespan’, the reader says you/we need to add; People….1/The Middle Man (Middle Woman) 2/The Middle Class. As in GONE. HISTORY. See….I told you’ll last week! No Books, No Music, No Bud Light Tall Boys, no way!! Happy Trails!

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