Oct 4 – Gardening, harvesting, and political weeding/whining

Rotzy laments the end of gardening season as well as lamenting about our less-than-prime minister, Junior.

Garden Update
    Well, my patch down front here in the commune garden isn’t a whole lot different than Nakina at this tyme of year….waiting on the carrots, beets, a handful of Spanish onions to mature….and two part rows of leeks, no frost to worry about here yet, tho the same can’t be said up there. As to my Hope(less) plot over at the CRC, I pulled off the tomato plants Wed along with a dozen pathetic-looking/growth-stunted ‘Lincoln Homestead’ peas which bore not one single pod!….in a growing season that most gardeners who would know call ‘the best in decades’. Whatever. Anyway, the removal of said tomato plants will finally allow some sunshine at the green cabbages, however methinks it’s too little/too late. The poor cabbages (I forget their name and can’t find the plastic name tabs) have had a helluva year…..a LATE planting, then a strong ‘comeback’ before being chomped down to ground level by a bunch of hungry hares….another short/courageous attempt at survival only to be ‘overshadowed’ by the damn tomatoes. And NO….Rotzy didn’t plant the tomatoes….I ‘lent’ a piece of garden to a ‘neighbour/gardener’ who had ‘a FEW tomato plants’ left and no space in her own garden. OK I said, altho I knew not where they would/could go without checking things out. Which I did the next day. And lo, there they were….already planted. Thirteen tomato plants!…..three varieties!….took up a row and a half! Lovely! Especially seeing as we’ve got four tomato pots growing on our balcony! By the bye, whilst the tomatoes were being planted the rest of my garden….a row of Spanish onions, buttercup squash (*see below), and cukes plus the aforementioned pea seeds….got trampled big tyme. Lovelier!! Next year? I don’t think so.

Readers Write
    These observations come from an oldster who clearly has been around for seven or eight decades….check ’em out. *The best thing about being over 70 is that we did our stupid stuff before there was such a thing as ‘social media’. ** If you can’t look back at your former self and realize that you were an idiot, you are probably still an idiot. (*note….I do believe this reader is making some sense here….you think?)

Elections and Stuff
    My ‘Voter Information Card’ is still sitting here on my desk, one corner stuck under my ASUS*tm, and of course it went unused because on Sept 20th yours truly was incarcerated on the fifth floor of BGH….Day 5 of my Nine Day All-Inclusive Healthy Heart Package Plan. You may recall me making considerable noise in “From Nakina” about NOT voting/intentionally spoiling my ballot in protest to Junior Trudeau’s calling of a completely unwanted/unneeded election that would set taxpayers back over half a Billion dollars (Cdn). So here I sit looking at my Elections Canada ticket, and for some strange reason finding myself wishing I HAD exercised my democratic authority. I know not why?! It wouldna made one lick of difference in the outcome, and the outcome was right about Rotzy said it would be, and thereby, settling absolutely dick-all. Which I also stated. That said, I’ll just hang onto the E/C card for now, as sure as shootin’ there’ll be another vote in the next 12-18 months! You can bet your diddy-bag on it!! And next tyme, Rotzy WILL be marking my ‘X’ on a ballot!

The Vultures Are Circling…..
    here at 555 Park Rd North. “And there are more than usual” it was pointed out to me by another oldster the other day. I’ve made mention of these large, graceful, yet ugly as hell feathered friends….a permanent fixture here at the Skyline Compound and hinted that the large number of oldsters….around 75%….find that ‘olde age factor’ as somewhat of an attraction/drawing card as to the reason for them being here. Makes sense. Well dont’cha know that after our chat I went outside to check out the vultures, and damn! Where there are usually a couple or three of them circling/cruising about 75 feet overhead, the count had increased to 6 or maybe 7! S–t! So….SO….I said (to myself) “Well Toad, this is not a particularly good omen, if you know what I’m sayin’ here, and just maybe/perhaps a cough or two is required? Like, right NOW?! I mean, they’re far enough overhead to qualify as ‘far coughs’, so let’s get tuit”!!! So…SO…I did….gave it to them but good!! To the point that I’m relatively sure that one, or possibly two of the critters veered off their circular pattern directly overhead and coasted down to the wooded gulch just to the north. I was about to apologize to the gathering in front of #575 just in case they witnessed my outburst, but I said (to myself) “Hell Toad, ain’t but none of them folks are spring chickens either, so they stand to benefit from fewer vultures just like you do….so forget it”! Anyway, Miz. Jo has told me to squash (*see below) the bird patrols and get on with living. So I did. Get on with living and stuff. OK, OK, OK….I’ll admit to the odd glance skyward, but maybe only a couple tymes a day. And there’s nothing requiring a cough….near or far.

A New Recipe….
    for squash (*see above) from the Fall issue of ‘Food And Drink’, free/gratis at the In And Out Store, caught Miz. Jo’s eye last week….’buttercup’, two of which I had pulled from my Hopeless patch on Tuesday. The F&D magazine has new idea recipes as well as classics and their photographers are second to none, hence we figured the squash would go well with the peameal roast and Jo Ann’s new beet and horseradish salad….tho my ‘finished product’ never resembles the F&D picture….until yesterday! And it tasted fantastic….3/4 inch slices that she drizzled with maple syrple and extra virgin olive oyl….flip ’em half way through. Mmmmm! I’d never eaten the skin of a squash….until yesterday. Another Mmmmm! And tonight? More Food And Drink….a new/different take on ‘lemony chicken breasts’….and we still have more of the beet/horseradish salad! More Mmmm’s.

Mr. Sorry
    Here he goes again….offering up yet another ”I’m truly sorry. Yes I am”. From our First Minister. It just never stops….and you just know they all come right from his heart, yes indeed. You could be a famous person, an unknown person, a rocket scientist, or a moron. A saint or a thief….hell even a terrorist, as we have duly noted. Well, it says here Justin blew it big tyme last week when he tried his ‘sorry’ on a BC Indian Chief for choosing NOT to attend the FIRST big national reflection day September 30th….and ‘do it virtually’ as he chose to spend the day with his family in the very fashionable, expensive, holidaying area of Tofino!!  Rotzy is trying (unsuccessfully) to figure how anybody….let alone our head of government…could be SO ****ing stupid!!!??? No, that is beyond stupid…bordering ‘suicidal’ to a politician. Anyway, not surprisingly methinks it was yesterday (Sun) the Chief has flat out refused to accept the apology. Look out Junior….you’re gonna have more than egg on your face. Stay tuned.

*Thought Of The Day…As the Kardashians celebrate their 20th season, I would like to congratulate myself for never watching a single episode.

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