Kudos to VISA for picking up fraud attempt on my account.

Just got a call from the Visa credit card company notifying of two charges made on my card this morning: $400 and $1400. I never made any such purchases, particularly this morning and so I wanted to dispute the charges. The agent on the line, in what sounded like a noise room, said something is a garbled accent. I asked him for his phone number and told him I would phone him right back. The line was disconnected

I immediately phoned VISA to confirm my account was in good order and at the proper balance. Within a minute or so, everything was confirmed as being in order and the VISA agent confirmed that my call was FRAUD.

Don’t engage them if they call you. Hang up and phone your credit card company to confirm your balances and report what just happened.

Stay safe, stay vigilant and always verify!

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