Easy access to the major elections POLLS

Election polls are like a scab. You know you shouldn’t pick it but you can’t resist. Polls are notorious for poor predictions but we still can’t resist looking at them in hopes that we get a peek at the future. But most polls are out for profit rather than perspective. We prefer the ABACUS DATA poll because it seems to be the most intuitive of all the polls we have looked at.

CBC polls are too confusing to recommend their use but they are FREE. We have contacted CBC, with great difficulty, but their senior writer, Eric Grenier, has not returned our messages. So much for professionalism in our public broadcaster. Rosie Dimanno, Heather Mallick, Susan Delacourt, all professional journalists at the Toronto Star, each has replied to our emails. There are professional reporters and there are others.

EKOS polls has a good reputation and this poll can be accessed by clicking on the logo at the left.


iPOLITICS is a poll tracker which uses EKOS. It is clear and simple but full access requires a subscription payment. Again click the logo for simple access.

ANGUS REID is very well known but the site is not the easiest to manage. Visitors will have to look around and navigate the site a bit to find poll information. Subscription fee for more detailed information. Click the logo for access.

The ABACUS Data poll may be the best of all the polls as it offers different poll views. To view a diffferent poll, simply SCROLL DOWN on their webpage. Very nice.

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