SCHEER…Conservative leader is tough to support

Scheer and his party, the Conservatives lead in all the polls, by the skin of their teeth.

Andrew Scheer was interviewed by the Toronto Star Sept. 4th. It wasn’t a good showing. He looked insipid, lacked pizzazz, shallow. Simply put, he does not seem to have much charismatic appeal. His responses to many of the questions only confirmed this lack of political zest, vivid appeal. It is what it is…maybe.

The Star interview had questions about…

Scheer wants to reduce red tape and give municipalities financial support to help increase housing supply

Scheer’s answer was an expected universal opposition to any kind of racism in Canada. His emphasis was on Canada’s FREEDOMS: speech, opinion and rule of law. Again, expected.

Scheer criticized the Liberal parties foot dragging, inaction. His policy would emphasize training, skills development and corporate coalitions to develop projects which would create jobs for this community.

An area for which his party is most criticized for lack of specific policies. Scheer claims Liberals are hypocritical imposing a carbon tax on the electorate but claiming there is no extra cost to the climate policy. Scheer explains that an imposed carbon tax costs the electorate in greater gas prices, increased costs in home heating and a GST surcharge.

This area ended up becoming ‘baffle gab’ where Scheer’s answer rambled and roamed without any clear meaning.

Scheer was most clear when it came to taxes. He claims he wants more money to stay in people’s hands. So he will not increase taxation by imposing extra taxes such as the Liberal’s carbon tax. 

However, here is where Scheer begins to fade and wane. Like Ford in the Ontario provincial election, no specific policies were ever detailed in the campaign. Scheer keeps promising clarification of his policies during the campaign. Hold your breath. Ford was lucky as the Wynne Liberals were so disliked, the devil would have defeated them. He did! But Trudeau’s support is not like that against Wynne. He remains tied with Scheer even after all the corruption, ethics and minister ejection bullying factors. Seems like nothing sticks to Teflon Trudeau, ditto with Sappy Scheer.

Scheer will lose this election for numerous reasons: he lacks energetic charisma, voter appeal. He projects a gentle, friendly, likeable personality, like a lovable dog.

Worse, his policy statements are vapid and insipid, no specific substance, no sizzle, no steam, no heat. His answers seem to rely on a “just watch me…during the campaign, I will show you pizzazz and sizzle.” Sadly, it will be too late. 

If he is to defeat Trudeau, he will have to sling mud just like the Liberals did like the same sex marriage video Goodale released. Trudeau has to be hit on the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal, the island holiday ethics values issue, the craziness of the sartorial splendour of India, not to mention the poor vetting of his entourage for ex-cons, his Carbon Tax, his $4.5 billion purchase of the Trans Canada Pipeline, his abuse of indigenous rights by forcing the Trans Cda Pipeline through their lands, his willingness to risk environmental disasters with the TC Pipeline likely to increase tanker traffic in the Vancouver Island area from 60 tankers a day to over 400. Hammer, hammer, hammer…Scheer needs to consider becoming a hard hitting steel worker, not an wimpy wuss.

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