Andrew Tumilty, political pundit

Andrew Tumilty is a Public Affairs. Issues Management. Crisis Communications. Political Pundit who has worked on political campaigns for three orders of government.

He has written that he feels the Ontario Liberals have a decent chance to win the next provincial election. To do so, he underlines that Steven Del Duca must focus on Ford’s Conservatives. Del Duca’s Liberals have a clear platform clearly committed to economic concerns: increased regional minimum wage, exploration of a four-day workweek, 10 paid sick days, portable health benefits and banning underpaid gig and contract work. 

Though the NDP has lost three elections in a row with their most significant loss in 2018, ignoring Horwath completely could lead to disastrous results. She should not be ignored though one could be tempted to relegate her to the status of being nothing more than a pesky black fly. Black flies are real.

Tumilty underlines that Del Duca has a realistic and serious chance of winning which should be reinforced by evaluation and review of the errors, election gifting, and inept vacillation demonstrated by Ford. He has clearly demonstrated he is incapable of leadership at the provincial level. Voters should give serious thought and consideration to the Liberals.

To read Andrew Tumilty’s commentary in the Star, click:  TUMILTY



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